JORD, the Unique Trendy, Crafty, and Quality Wood Watch

My outfits represent a lot of who I am on an everyday basis. Accessories such as watches always give expression from within to the outfits I combine to make them unique. I like to have my wardrobe or overall unique look put together with fun, quality, and stylish image. My accessories are very much full of quality, style, and crafty.

Overjoyed to have seen this JORD watch called Frankie from Purpleheart and Plum which JORD has sent me. I liked their variety of watches which include and I always enjoy crafted antique watches.

The Frankie collection has a variety of face and wrist colors. These are sophisticated but yet simple for ordinary every day all  Frankie collections look similar to the one I am wearing with unique colorful features.

JORD wood watches, which is pronounced as Yode was created in St. Louis, Missouri. JORD watches are very in tuned in making one of the best wood watch designs.

Theses wood watches have the inspiration of a sophistication variety blend of natural and immense re-claimed materials in combination of quality components and movements.  This gives you the freedom to choose from many collections and styles of these JORD quality crafty, and fashionable wooden watches.



Variety of Colors on the JORD watch Frankie Collection:

  • Purpleheart and Plum (The wrist band color is in the color wood wine and the face of the watch is in the color ruby red with gold dials)
  • Dark Sandalwood and Emerald (The wrist band color is in dark sandalwood and the face of the watch is in the color emerald)
  • Zebrawood and Navy (The wrist band is a zebrawood color and the face of the watch is the navy color)
  • Koa and Ash (The wrist band is a koa color and the face of the watch is the ash color)
  • Dark Sandalwood and Smoke (The wrist band is a dark sandalwood color and the face of the watch is in the smoke color)
  • Zebrawood and Champagne (The wrist band is a zebrawood color and the face of the watch is a champagne color)
  • Ebony and Gold ( The wrist band is in a wood ebony color and the face of the watch is also ebony and the gold is on the number signs and clock hands)

Wooden Wrist Watch

Fashionably wearing my beautiful JORD purpleheart and plum crafted quality watch with matching my ruby red with scoop neck sweater with a leather belt for your waist and a rosy pink tank top to match my elegant purpleheart and plum JORD wood watch.



The next one I am trending my JORD wooden purpleheart and plum watch is with my light pink high neck sweater. I am enjoying a cup of hot tea on a cold February day.  I also have matched my nails with a light pink color nail polish. I also added some black slacks or pants. You can add a skirt and tall boots too.


The JORD Frankie collection wood watches consist of a Minimalist collection, but it is so much more. It is a synchronized canvas at the moment with color in motion. You can have exquisite confidence with the JORD Frankie collection. This is the inspiration behind the JORD Frankie Collection wood watches with the straight line wooden colored strap. It comes in a unique fancy slim case.

My husband also is saving up to get a similar watch for men's Frankie Collection as shown in the pictures below. The Frankie Collection is a unisex collection. There are many collections of JORD wooden watches. These collections are listed below.

Female JORD wood watches: 

  • Frankie (45 mm ultra-thin quartz minimalist)
  • Cora Polaris ( 34 mm self-winding automatic with Swarovski Crystals)
  • Sier (38 mm Stone dial minimalist. Interchangeable leather and metal mesh bands)
  • Cassia (40 mm 2-hand classic quartz minimalist)
  • Cora (36 mm Self-winding skeleton automatic with Swarovski crystal)
  • Reece (31 mm ultra-thin square minimalist)
  • Fieldcrest ( 40 mm 3-hand quartz minimalist)

Male JORD wood watches: 

  • Frankie (45 mm ultra-thin quartz minimalist)
  • Meridian ( 45 mm dual wheel self-winding automatic with power reserve)
  • Dover ( 43 mm self-winding automatic (full skeleton design)
  • Conway ( 42 mm sport 6 hand quartz chronograph with date)
  • Hyde (43 mm minimalist multi-dial with date)
  • Sawyer ( 50 mm 7 hand self-winding automatic chronograph with date)
  • Reece ( 31 mm ultra-thin square minimalist)
  • Delmar ( 46 mm sport 3 hand quartz with carbon fiber)
  • Fieldcrest (40 mm 3-hand quartz minimalist)

You are in luck to my Giveaway in collaboration with JORD wood watches in enjoying $100 towards a JORD wood watch of your own here. Everyone who enters will receive 10% off just for trying the Giveaway!

Frankie Ultra Thin Quartz Minimalist JORD Wood Watches Collection:

Frankie Ultra Thin Quartz Minimalist JORD Wood Watches Collection:


Note: Pictures in my collage above are credited to JORD Wood Watches

Note: Pictures in my collage above are credited to JORD Wood Watches

In conclusion, these watches are truly top in quality, style, and uniqueness. It will definitely add that sparkle and true touch to any style you create in your everyday life. Let me know what you think of these classy unique to everyone's style JORD wood watches below! Thank you and have a great day! Good luck on the GIVEAWAY for that $100 towards a JORD wood watch.


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