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Vertly CBD Infused Relief Lotion and Arnica with Pleasant Scent Review

Vertly CBD Infused Relief Lotion and Arnica with Pleasant Scent Review


Those who are looking for a clean CBD lotion with fresh ingredients that will make your pain go away and smell neutral and pleasant, you must try Vertly’s CBD Infused Relief lotion. CBD is Cannabidiol which helps with muscle pain and anxiety and overall relaxation without the getting high feeling.

I was so excited to have tried and received the  Vertly’s CBD infused lotion has so many excellent ingredients that positively help your skin, reduce inflammation, and muscle pain. I received this first time for testing the Vertly’s CBD Infused Relief lotion from Shop and Shout and Vertly Balm.  Shop and Shout has a variety of great health and quality products you can try as I have in the past here.

This Vertly’s CBD Infused Relief lotion has an incredible signature scent blend of 8 therapeutic essential oils besides having CBD oil.

I would liberally apply a quarter size amount on my joints where I get some pain from everyday wear and tear. I was impressed with the scent of this CBD lotion because it is a with scent notes of Lavender and Citrus!


Tip for Aroma Therapy: Put a little bit of the lotion on the palms of your hands and rub your hands together. Then cup your hands and smell the scent, and it really opens your eyes and senses and you feel so calm and vibrant at the same time!

I am definitely benefiting from the healing power of plants that is in all of the Vertly’s Relief Lotion. It is a vitamin-packed and restorative lotion that features their signature infused CBD oil to help with pain and arnica in it which helps with any bruising. It has other ingredients that are so good for your skin and joint pain healing. 
How is the CBD processed in for Vertly Balm? Vertly Balm would add infused CBD oil handcrafted to make a more controlled quality product.
How long does it take for Vertly’s CBD lotion give me pain relief? I noticed that while putting on the Vertly’s CBD lotion, I had a smooth transition of pain relief within 30 minutes. It is not instant pain relief. I enjoyed the scent because it is not  
Does Vertly’s CBD lotion use small doses of cannabis for pain relief in their products? Yes, they use tiny doses of cannabis in the amount of  2.5mg or lower. This is very small compared to the 10mg  prescription.


Benefits of the Vertly’s Relief Infused with CBD

  1. It helped me with aches caused by working hard standing or even sitting, strain during exercise, crazy on the go travel or life stress in life.
  2. It has a great number of organic plant oils, botanical herbs, and magnesium that heals.
  3. Arnica Flower is slowly extracted to create the proprietary therapeutic herbal oil that helps bruising, healthy joint flexibility, healthy muscle, strains, and tightness.
  4. It has a 150 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Cannabinoid Extract, which is the complex mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, essential nutrients, and proteins for your skin and muscles.
  5. It works to soothe, calm, and reduce tension in the body.  
  6. The magnesium is excellent to have because it is one of the three essential minerals for your body functions such as muscle recovery.
  7. The peppermint hydrosol ingredient helps to energize the skin and fight bacteria, inflammation, and body odor.
  8. There is aloe vera in it, which is a plus for you and me to refresh the skin, itchiness, and reduce any redness, and helps skin regeneration.
  9. The lavender oil is incredible for the aromatherapy effect that calms, reduces nervous tension, relieves joint pain, and enhance blood circulation.
  10. Shea butter is hydrating and it nourishes the skin.
  11. Pleasant Scent: It is so good to have a pleasant semi-light lavender and citrus scent, which does not make it smell medicinal.
  12. Formulated with NO gluten, phthalates, petroleum, and parabens, which are harmful ingredients for your skin and body.
  13. It is also a vegan product not tested on animals, which is amazing that they are protecting endangered animals and not endangered animals.


Relief-Lotion-CBD-Infused-with- Arnica-and- Magnesium-Best
Relief-Lotion-CBD-Infused-with- Arnica-and- Magnesium-Best

I shared the Vertly Relief CBD Lotion with my friends and family. They all enjoyed the scent and wanted to know where to get it. Overall, I felt really wonderful inside and out!  Will, any of you use this great Vertly Relief Lotion? Let me know the comments below! 

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