New VENN the All-In-One Organic Concentrated Skin Care Anti-Aging

Venn anti-aging lotion cream

For those who are anti-aging and chemical or paraben free fanatics, I have a holiday high-quality organic skin care treatment for you, and it also is an all in one skin care. This all-in-one organic skin care is from a Korean brand named Venn. Korean beauty is very well known for their excellent skin care products.  I was one of the very few people to have received this new product that has just launched recently.

I had received this to explore for myself from this amazing place where you test out quality products for free called Influenster. They are very selective about how they will try their specific products. You can sign up with them here.  I had talked about them in some of my blog posts, such as this one here. I received two small  0.25 oz plastic bottles with easy-to-use pumps.

They had sent this to me to see if this skin care product does work well on my skin and how it works on my combination skin. I had experimented with this serum for about a month and used up both small tubes to use it once a day.

I was so happy to know that it has one of the highest quality ingredients, which include the formula of super-powerful peptides and botanicals. These botanicals are Ginsenoside Compound K, and the best part is that it is safe and mighty to use and combating aging because of its anti-aging agents for the skin. I did like how it applies so quickly to my skin. It actually honestly worked very well for my combination skin type, ranging from oily, dry, and sensitive in certain spots.

Tip and advice: I do advise not to put it on the skin that is windburn. I had tried putting it on my windburn sensitive skin, which I get only in the wintertime, and it did give me a little sting.

The Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum is supposed to be your all in one fragrance-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, phthalate-free, no mineral oil, no sulfates, and no color serum. It also considers being, most importantly, an essence, toner, lotion, ampoule, cream, or lotion, which makes your All-in-one concentrated serum.

What is the scent of the Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum? There is no scent to this creamy white serum.

Is Venn Al-In-One Serum for men or women? It is for both men and women because it does not have a scent, and it will work well for both.

What is the consistency of the Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum, and is it greasy? It is creamy,  lightweight, and non-greasy.

What is the packaging of the Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum? The regular size comes in a white cylinder plastic easy-to-use pump at  1.7 FL OZ or 50 ML.

Venn anti-aging lotion cream
Venn anti-aging lotion cream

Benefits of the Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum did to My Face and Experience: 

  • It helped brighten my skin’s appearance and minimize discoloration. It actually helped do that especially around the chin area where I have skin discoloration.
  • It does penetrate deeply, and I could feel it soak very well into my skin.
  • The Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum suppose to hydrate for up to 24 hours. I did feel hydrated for about 16 hours. I have combination skin and is dry, especially during the winter time.
  • It did improve my fine lines and wrinkles. I am in my mid-30’s and people think even in person that I look much younger than in my mid-30’s because I would use a product like Venn for example. I, however, do get some fine lines around my eye area, which is more prominent there when I smile in photos.
  • It does brighten the skin, and I did notice that in about 2 weeks time with everyday use once a day, and the same goes for the fine lines and wrinkles that I would get from the harsh environment, what I eat, and age.
  • Lastly, it did make my skin super smooth and soft. That I liked very much. I tend to get rough skin around my chin area, and it helped.

How to use the Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum:

  • First, wash your face with your favorite cleanser from Venn Skincare.
  • Use the Venn Skincare Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Face Mask for taking extra dirt out of your pores.
  • Second, pump a dime size amount of the Venn creamy serum onto clean hands, and this will only apply to the forehead.
  • I did about 4 pumps for each part of my face such as my forehead, chin, cheeks, and neck.
  • Tip: Massage the serum away from your eye area, because if you put it near your eyes, it will sting. It happened to me.
  • Massage upwards for your neck area.
  • Then voila, you are done using your facial with the Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum



The below picture that I show you, you can see the consistency of the creamy serum or semi-thick absorbent lotion.



In Conclusion, this was excellent for all the skin needs that I had mentioned above such as rough skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. I am really amazed by this Venn All-In-One Organic Concentrated serum.

You can get your own on Venn All-in-One Concentrated Serum  here. I am not affiliated with their program.

What do you all think about this All-in-One Organic Concentrated Serum?



Madeline S
Madeline S

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  1. Seb

    You don’t look like in your 30s even without your product effects, don’t worry about your appearance I always thought that you were relatively stunning. On the other hand, glad that I’m getting a little refrigerator next to my room for water bottles since this skincare product can dehydrate you fairly fast. Can’t wait to buy it claps

    • Thank you very much, yes, I am in my 30’s and I just take care of my skin as you can see and try eating and living healthy. This skin care products does not dehydrate you fast. Lol! You mean hydrate your skin right?

      • Seb

        Yes my apologies, what I meant was that I want to prevent dehydration at all cost in terms of both skin and thirst. Thanks for the response btw I like the way how you write your reviews, just saying!

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