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Claddagh Ring Promise Ring of Love from The Irish Jewelry Company
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Claddagh Ring Promise Ring of Love from The Irish Jewelry Company


Having a ring of love on your hands is such a beautiful and righteous gift. This ring is a wonderful ring for everyone! I made a video for you to see the ring live! I have been sent this Birthstone Claddagh Ring by The Irish Jewelry Company based in New York. I grew up in New York! I always enjoyed Celtic relics and culture. I did my ancestry DNA and found out that my Dominican mother of the Dominican Republic is pretty fair European looking, and I have Irish and Scottish DNA.

Anywho, I like how I could pick out my October birthstone in Tourmaline, and it looks so pretty, especially the meaning of the Claddagh ring. This ring makes you ask yourself, “Do you have somebody in your life, which you pledge your love, loyalty, and friendship forever?” If so, then this Claddagh ring is truly a high-quality piece of jewelry for you!

The love story is about a young man in Ireland who was captured into slavery from his fishing village. He made his true love what we call the Claddagh ring because it was the home where he saw his love still waiting for him after he was released from being a slave. It is so sweet! I am glad The Irish Jewelry Company has very well-made real silver and birthstones to recreate this beautiful significant true love and friendship ring.

The birthstone rings are very special because it is connected to the stones from Mother Earth that represent the month you were born.

The Irish Jewelry Company does carry an elegant and well-made Birthstone Claddagh Ring with a beautiful birthstone that shines so bright. It can be given as a birthday present, the current Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, anniversaries, or any special day to express connection to you.

Like the original Claddagh Ring story, you might have one you want to pledge your loyalty, true love, and true friendship for a lifetime. You will make anyone very happy and lighten up their eyes from inside and out with love and care. This is something I value very much and enjoy.

I would wear this every day, and it matches well with all my outfits. I like my tourmaline stone because it is connected to the sign I am born and makes my soul feel connected to my birthstone. I like the significances of the Birthstone Claddagh Ring.

What is the significance of the Birthstone Jewelry and Birthstone Rings?

The Birthstones have gemstones that accompany a specific birth month. Each birthstone has a unique historical significance as well. As you can see in my pictures, the stone and the ring are very well made and real from the Earth. The birthstones are lucky according to the specific months. There is a belief that is true about stones, which is they can give you healing energies and are heightened.


Is the Birthstone Ring from The Irish Jewelry Company fit true to size? The Birthstone Ring I am wearing from The Irish Jewelry Company is a size 7, and it fits very well. It is not a loss, and it is not tight. I could turn it around on my finger very well and smoothly.

What do you think of this Birthstone Claddagh Ring from the Irish Jewelry Company? Let me know in the comments section below!


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