Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare 24K Anti-aging Sun Gold Mask

Searching for a new skincare product that would help me with my acne, wrinkles, combination, and dry patches on my skin.

I know you are also in the search for something that would be the best product for your skin to heal from bad appearance, feel, and health.

I had stumbled upon this skincare cosmetic brand called Peter Thomas Roth at the Sephora store.

I saw the 24K Gold Mask formula and I read that it had real gold flakes in it and other ingredients to help plump and nurture my skin.

I immediately had to purchase it. I use this twice a week. It has really given me a glow and my skin looks more revived.

When you do need a skin revitalization or get ready for an important event in your life, this mask would give you that natural glow, plump, and youth look that you deserve it.

Benefits for your skin:




Smoothes the skin



Youthfulness for your skin

Ingredients: It is made with pure 24K gold dust which is known since Cleopatra’s time to help with anti-aging, caffeine for firming the skin, and colloidal gold to help give your skin a re-energized glow.

Instructions to apply the mask:

Exfoliate your face

Cleanse your face

Apply mask either with a fan brush or synthetic plastic brush applicator your hands.
A fan applicator would be more precise on your application.

Leave the mask on for 30 minutes to an hour.

You could leave it on for 15 minutes, but I do advice to leave it on for longer for better benefits of this silky gold mask.

Wash with wet cloth evenly around your face while being careful not to get any around your eye area.

The sensation felt on the skin when applied: It feels a bit sticky, but not too sticky.

It is a smooth silky application.

When applied you will see a gold transparent honey appearance layer on your skin.

Advice:Tie your hair away from your face so that you do not get any of your flyaway hairs around your face to stick.

These are some of my 24k Gold masks and containers.

As you can see I have almost finished one.

Texture:A thick and smooth honey like consistency with gold flex shining through.

Scent:It has the scent of something sweet.

Appearance:It has a light gold appearance on your face and a darker gold look in the container.

This is me wearing the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask on my bare skin.

There many skincare products and cosmetics that suit every skin and human desire.

Peter Thomas Roth skincare’s innovative idea and passion came about when Peter Thomas Roth wanted a skincare line that would help himself and others with skin wrinkles, acne, blemishes, and other harsh causes that nature throws at us such as sun damage.

Peter Thomas Roth’s mission is to combine potent, effective, and excellent quality ingredients with advanced technology.

His idea comes from the Hungarian spa philosophies. Peter Thomas Roth’s family originated from Hungary.

Peter Thomas Roth cares very much to put the best and most powerful ingredients that would deliver the very best for your skin quality and appearance.

He also has spoken with his clients and has done more research to provide the very best in his skincare and cosmetics line.

I do believe in that because this 24K Gold mask, for example, has given me results.

Will Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold mask become one of your favorite masks? Let me in in the comments below!

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