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How to Make Festive Nails using Vegan EMMA Nail Polish? No Bad Chemicals!


These past days I have been using the Emma VSNP 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free no harmful chemicals for some weeks now, and the whole set is so beautiful. I have discovered them over a year ago. The regular Emma nail Polish kit includes a base and topcoat, and a filer. I also purchased the Emma …

Beauty, Haircare, Nail Care

Grow Hair, Nails, Eyebrows, and Lashes Naturally with Skin Actives

Natural, clean beauty and ethically produced haircare, skincare, nail care, and facial care like Skin Actives are so good to try!  This Skin Actives hair care, nail care, eyebrow, and  has worked well with my hair, nails, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Skin Actives also has a CBD skincare collection here. I like how it creates healthy, …

Beauty, Clean Beauty, Skincare

Hydrate, Renew, Polish with DermaE Hydrating AntiAging Skincare


Clean Beauty is the best because of the no bad chemicals that may harm your skin and body’s endocrine system, which is the part of your body that balances your hormones.  I am presenting to you the DermaE Hydrating, Anti Aging DMAE, and Plant Stem Cell collection. This is one of DermaE’s best skincare collection …

Beauty, Skincare

Exuviance Pure Retinol Correcting Peel Age Reverse Hydrafirm Moisturizer


Very good retinol is hard to come by. Retinol that works and has the right amount without skimping would be unique. I like many retinol products. I like different brands that have high-quality retinol. One of these brands is Exuviance. I was happy to know that Exuviance has high-quality products that work well for my …

Beauty, Skincare

Boost Skin with DERMAE Mood Enhancing Calm, Uplift, and Create Mists


Mood Enhancing products have always been ideal for all us on planet Earth. Especially scented sprays of all sorts, candles, and more. I have enjoyed many kinds of mood, enhancing mists and sprays. Yet, I am selective and do enjoy using mists that work very well. DERMA-E has sent me their DERMA-E Mood Enhancing Skin Beneficial …

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