Athens 8 Foot Pool Table Review

My family and I have always enjoyed playing pool at a friends or family house to learn a game full of different wonders. It has its rules as other games and it requires a lot of eye coordination with the ball on the pool table. My husband and I do fancy the idea of a Continue reading

The iPad Review

My family as others enjoy technology and have a lot of gadgets that we can not live without in order to interact and live our daily lives with our friends and family.    This is the original iPad I have a picture of below. My family and I really enjoy using this iPad to see Continue reading

Bose Companion 2 Series III at Guitar Center Review

This is a picture of how the Bose Companion 2 Series III looks like in the box.  This is how it looks like outside the box. This is how the box looks in appearance:   All of us are always in search for electronics that will help to either make our lives happy by listening Continue reading

Free Scent Bursts Review from the original and authentic Candle-Lite Company

 I had always enjoyed products from the  Candle-Lite Company.  Candle-Lite had offered me through email if I wanted to try one of their candle scent products.  I am always curious to learn more about new fun and exciting products out there, especially scented candles, waxes, plug-ins, and any other form of scented items.  Now something Continue reading