Persil Pro Clean Free Laundry Detergent by Influenster

   I always search and explore new laundry detergents and cleaning products out there. I was happy to see that Influenster had chosen me to test out the Persil Pro Clean laundry detergent. Influenster had sent me a sample of one load. I always saw the commercials for this detergent showing that it works very well.  Continue reading

Smiley 360 gave me a free pillow from Sleep Number for review.

My family and I are always looking for the perfect bed and pillow. Smiley360 has given me the chance to have my very own perfect Sleep Number pillow for free.  This was exciting to me because I always wished to have such a pillow that would help me sleep, and the best part is that Continue reading

Splenda Naturals Stevia Sweeteners: Free Product Testing from Crowdtap.

  Crowdtap is a website where you participate to try different products for free. I wanted to try this new healthy sugar for my readers and myself.  I was excited to try the new Splenda Naturals stevia sweetener. I was given two small packets as samples to try with my everyday meals or drinks.  I wish Continue reading

My First Product Review from Bzzagent : Vanilla passion fruit wax scented Glade Melts with a fancy cute porcelain purple burner included.

My family and I were very excited to try out our first product review I enjoyed the Glade vanilla passion fruit wax melts. I tested out the scented wax melts. Scented wax melts and other scented products are a lifesaver in helping to make your household or home environment smell fresh and keep yourself, your family, and others you invite in the scent mood. Continue reading