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Free by Crowdtap Curél Hydra-therapy 2 ounce lotion
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Free by Crowdtap Curél Hydra-therapy 2 ounce lotion

Many years in my life I have suffered from dry skin on my face such as the sides of my nose, forehead, and around my chin. I also suffer from dryness and itchiness on my elbows, hands, and heels on my feet.

 Is thick, lightweight, and creamy.

Feel on Skin: It is not greasy with a clean finish.

Absorption: It absorbs easily and quickly into skin.

Scent: It is unscented which is excellent for those people who do not enjoy scents in their lotions. I personally do not mind having scented or unscented. 

I am always on the search for a thick yet lightweight cream, lotion, or serum that would hydrate my dry skin and take away the itchy feeling due to dryness and loss of moisture. 

I had seen on Crowdtap while answering their usual questions on my favorite products that they Curél as one of their sponsored companies. 

Curél had invented this super hydrating therapeutic lotion that helps heal extensive skin dryness or just plain dryness and takes away the itchiness. 

I had a sample offer and I immediately applied. I received the 2-ounce sample of the Curél New Hydra-therapy. 

I was very impressed. I immediately answered the Crowdtap mission questions that needed to be accomplished. Then they sent me the product to test and it truly and honestly has made a world of a difference.

I suffer from cuts that are made into my skin of my hands from the dryness during the winter season. This Curél Hydra-therapy has made my skin softer, hydrated, no itchiness, and has given my skin a therapy. I would definitely recommend it. 

Have any of you tried the Curél New Hydra-therapy? Is it your favorite hand cream or over all body lotion?

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