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AMG Age More Gracefully Naturally Papaya Splash Face Wash and Rosehip Seed Exfoliant with Tip Review
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AMG Age More Gracefully Naturally Papaya Splash Face Wash and Rosehip Seed Exfoliant with Tip Review

Aging more gracefully papaya splash face cleanser rosehip seed exfoliant

For those of you who prefer your beauty products such as skincare to have no parabens, no phthalates, and no harsh chemicals, I have found these excellent products for you all. This new natural and pure skin care that works is called AMG Naturally, which means Age More Gracefully Naturally. It also works very well, and you can feel the product work on your skin.

I had received this really gentle and superb deep facial cleanser duo from AMG naturally from Moms Meet for free. I had spoken about Moms Meet in some of my other blog posts such as Betsy’s Best Gourmet Non-GMO Nut Butters. These facial cleansing duos are a papaya-based face wash or cleanser, which has other ingredients to help balance your skin, and an intoxicating, yummy, and smooth rosehip seed extract-based exfoliator. These two duos give you a deep cleansing without any harsh chemicals or even harsh feel. Your skin on your face looks polished and healthy.

Are these two cleansing duo, the Papaya Splash Face Wash and Rosehip Seed Exfoliant for men and women? Yes, these products are for unisex, for both female and male alike. It does not have a feminine or masculine scent. It is a neutral clean botanical scent.

What are the main natural ingredients found in all the Age More Gracefully Naturally? 

I have noticed while looking at all the Age More Gracefully Naturally product ingredients, not just the ones that were sent to me, but the ones I have seen on their website, they have two ingredients that are in most of their beauty products. It is the Moringa oil and the Sacha Inchi Oil. These oils are very special for many reasons.

These oils are very special for many reasons. The Moringa oil is called the miraculous oil. The reason it is a miracle oil is that the entire Moringa tree the leaves, the fruits, the flowers, the wood, and seeds, are used for scientific and health reasons. The leaves of the Moringa tree are full of nutrients, which means your skincare would have a double positive and skin that will be rejuvenated and look its best.

The Sacha Inchi Oil helps your skin because it has a great amount of Omega 3 concentration than any plant on this earth. It has a high amount of vitamins A and E with amino acids, which soothes your skin. It is an excellent antioxidant-rich ingredient for your skincare. This means it helps take out the impurities out of your skin as you use this skin product.

Aging more gracefully papaya splash face cleanser rosehip seed exfoliant
Aging more gracefully papaya splash face cleanser rosehip seed exfoliant

AMG NaturallyExfoliator foam cleanser

Experience with the Papaya Splash Face Wash: 

The Papaya Splash Face Wash has so many great cleansing properties. First, of, the Papaya Splash Face Wash came in a 1.7 ounce or 50 ml easy-to-use plastic bottle, and you can see the amount of liquid that is inside the bottle. That is a plus for me because I enjoy seeing how much product I have inside and left from all my skincare.

How does the Papaya Splash Face Wash look like? The liquid inside the Papaya Splash Faces Wash is a clear light blue tinted color. It is tinted that way because of the purifying oils the cleanser has inside. When you press the easy to use press on the nozzle, you are able to see a foam consistency come out.

How do you use the Papaya Splash Face Wash?

  • Use the Papaya Face Wash on a regular basis, such as once or twice a day, so that you can get that best benefits instantly.
  • Push on the nozzle and pump about a quarter size of the foam consistency onto the palm of your clean hands.
  • Use the quarter size on your forehead, then if you need two more quarter sized foam of the wash, you will place this on the two sides of your cheeks.
  • Keep the face wash away from your eyes, because it could irritate your eyes.
  • I would gently massage the wash starting at my forehead, and around my cheeks, and do not forget your chin, jaw, and your neck.
  • Always massage your neck upwards, with a swipe up motion.
  • Then use a wet cold towel or splash cold water on your face.


I always use cold water, because it keeps your pores small. That makes your face much smoother looking in appearance.

Advice and outcome:

My experience was all positive, and this face wash was very gentle to my skin. I do recommend to read the oils on the ingredients, which are stated on the bottle. Just if you might be allergic to any oils in this face wash.

Benefits of the Papaya Splash Face Wash:

  • If you use the Papaya Splash Face Wash every day, it can help with skin discoloration and improve it.
  • There are papain enzyme and beta-carotene inside this face wash. These antioxidants help to decrease skin aging, which in turn helps you age more gracefully, like the title of this brands says.
  • It does not have any harsh chemicals that are found in other face washes, which would make your skin dry up and cause acne and other issues with your skin and health.
  • It rebalances your skin deep inside.
  • This face wash is a hypoallergenic and a natural anti-bacterial, which brings back your skin’s moisture and ability.
  • It helps your skin repair and removes dead cells for better skin cell growth, and that famous glow.
  • The papain enzyme, which is the papaya extract is also reduced your pimples, acne, and blemishes.
  • It also makes a great moisturizer for your skin and helps keep the moisture in your skin, which in turn keeps you young.  That is a plus in my beauty book.
  • It helps open and cleans your clogged pores, which gives you a supple texture to your skin.

What is the scent of the Papaya Splash Face Wash? The scent of the Papaya Splash Face Wash is a natural one. It is a light botanical scent.

Where do I get my Papaya Splash Face Wash?  You can get your very own Papaya  Splash Face Wash here.

AMG Papaya Splash Face Wash Cleanser smooth gentle skin care

Experience of the Rosehip Seed Exfoliator:

The Rosehip Seed Exfoliator is such a smooth exfoliator. Exfoliation is so important. It the way your skin literally gets rid of that pesky dry skin that looks horrible when you wear makeup or lipstick without exfoliation for example. It is something that should always be part of your daily routine, or at least twice a week, such as I have used this Rosehip Seed Exfoliator.

Where does the Rosehip Seed Exfoliator come in and what is its consistency?

This exfoliator came inside a thick glass jar, which preserves all these essential ingredients better. It comes with a 2-ounce creamy consistency small microscopic exfoliating grains.

What is the scent of the Rosehip Seed Exfoliator? 

The scent of the Rosehip is similar to the Papaya Splash Face Wash. It is a light botanical scent, but you can smell the Rosehip in this one, but lightly.

How do you use the Rosehip Seed Exfoliator?

  • The Rosehip Seed Exfoliator is simple to use. Just open up the jar, and all you need is a quarter size of the exfoliator for your entire face.
  • Tip: This amount would also make your exfoliator last and is the right amount I think as a tester. You can use the amount you would like.

  • Use this after using your Papaya Splash Face Wash, which will then make your face damp for the product to go onto your skin and within better.
  • Apply and rub the quarter sized exfoliator onto your skin in a circular motion. The circular motion helps your dead skin cells to come off gently.
  • Rinse off with cold or warm water or use a wet towel that has cold or warm water.
  • Pat dry your face with a towel.
  • Tip: If you would like best results, use twice a week.

Age more gracefully naturally natural facial cleanser wash gentle smooth purify clean
Age more gracefully naturally natural facial cleanser wash gentle smooth purify clean

The Benefits of the Rosehip Seed Exfoliator:

•It gently exfoliates your skin’s dead cells.
• The exfoliator gives your skin more collagen the absorption of nutrients from your skincare into your skin cells, which gives you elasticity.
• This exfoliant is a plant-based one, which has Omega 3’s as a nutrient.

  • It cleanses your skin without irritation.
  • It also feels very refreshing, and you can feel the tiny beads that look like it comes from nut shells.

  • After cleansing, I had applied a lotion and a serum, and I felt the serum and lotion tingle into my skin, which never had happened before until I used this exfoliator. This tells me that it works very well.

  • Rosehip Seed Exfoliator gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin without irritation. Refreshes by removing excess dead skin cells, while relaxing and softening the layers beneath.

Where can I get my Rosehip Seed Exfoliator? You can get your own Rosehip Seed Exfoliator here. 

AMG Rosehip Seed Extract Moringa extract infused exfoliator smooth skin care

Below you can see clearly how the Rosehip Seed Exfoliant looks like in its creamy thick consistency. 

Age more gracefully naturally natural facial cleanser wash gentle smooth purify clean

#AMGnaturally and #MomsMeet 

Do any of you enjoy using a cleanser with a foam consistency? What do you think of a natural cleanser over other kinds? Let me know in the comments section. Thank you and enjoy the rest of my other in-depth discoveries on the website!


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  1. Sebastiano Valois says:

    Thanks for the review. I love the smell of foam, I have foaming soap at my work place. I was hoping that you would mention the product being for men as well but I guess it’s meant for women only. I’m desperate to read different skincare products reviews since I have sensitive skin. Despite that, I’m glad you mentioned “cold water” because that should be written in every product review since I use to add skincare to my face with hot water!!! Last but not least Mrs.Admin, because you add photos of yourself displaying the before and after effects of your products, I want to say you look relatively young and amazing even when nothing’s applied on your face. My best regards.

    1. says:

      Hi, @Darkside350:disqus I am happy you liked the smell of foam. I hope you find these skincare products above beneficial for your life. It is my mistake that I had forgotten to put that it is unisex. I will correct and write about why above. I appreciate your opinion very much.

      1. Sebastiano Valois says:

        Hi @disqus_XRNn2ijLf7:disqus No big deal, you still have a growing audience but be sure to write it down from now so guys like me can know if they’re able to try it out or not. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to read what’s next!

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