Voxbox Influenster: Colgate Optic-White Toothpaste, Daisy Brand Sour Cream, EVA NYC Hair Towelettes, Suave Revitalizing Age-defying Body Lotion, & Franks Red Hot Sauce Review


Hello, Influenster Voxbox or box of goodies lovers! I had applied to hopefully be chosen to review goodies that had a variety of food, hair product, and skincare in it. I had been chosen to explore such little sweet products through the Playa Voxbox from Influenster. You all can always try to receive an influenster vox-box of your own by clicking here. You do have to live in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.   As I had opened my Playa Voxbox, I had seen that one of the goodies was my full-size anti-aging  Revitalizing body lotion by Suave, two Eva NYC hair fixer-upper towelettes for the pesky frizzes on the go, a coupon to receive a free Daisy brand sour cream, and hot sauce from Frank's Red Hot. I like that this vox-box surprise had so many goodies that I can make great use in my life. I hope it will be just as good use for you to learn how well they work. 

Eva NYC Purse Perfect Hair Towelettes: Eva NYC is the first little gift from the Playa vox-box I will discuss. I am so happy to try these smooth over frizzy hair on the go towelettes. 

 My Results with Eva NYC towelettes: They come folded up nicely in these pink colored with a little dash of light yellow envelopes. They are supposed to be serum infused towelettes or wipes. I had used them all the time when I went out and about to either to take my runs or go out with my family and or friends. My hair does suffer from frizzy or flyaways, especially when I forget to wear hairspray on. These were pretty handy. I did notice that they were a bit dry at first, but as I wiped my hair strands the flyaways did go away.  

The Benefits of the Eva NYC Purse Perfect Hair Towelettes

  • The serum in the towelettes has argan oil, which gives your hair strands vitamins and nutrients while making it radiant and shiny. 
  • The argan oil also has vitamin C and Fatty Acids to enhance the shine, give your hair strands nourishment, and also repairs your hair strands at the same time. 
  • It is convenient and lightweight for traveling to anywhere you would like to go.
  • It keeps your hair tamed while you are on the move in life. 
  • Results are that it gives you a smooth, refreshing, and luminous hair appearance. 

The Eva NYC Products can be purchased here



Below is a picture of all the goodies the Playa Voxbox by Influenster had included: It also included a $2 dollar off  Eva NYC coupon any Ulta or CVS pharmacy 



Daisy Sour Cream Pure and Natural: The next item that I had enjoyed was the Daisy sour cream. I always come in contact with sour cream with ingredients like xanthan gum and is not a good ingredient for your health. The Daisy sour cream brand is simply 100 percent made with cream. You can really taste the pureness and creaminess.  You can mix it with many food ideas from savory to sweet delicious desserts. The Daisy brand does care and know what they are doing when they make their pure yummy products without nasty preservatives.

The Consistency of the Daisy sour cream: It is between a fluffy light to medium. It is a heavenly cream in your mouth.

What is the packaging of the Daisy sour cream? It comes in a squeezable 14 oz or 396 ml plastic tube, such as the one given to me. Or in plastic tubs ranging from 8 oz, 1 lb or 16 oz, 3 lbs, and 5 lbs.

My recipe for the Simple Paleo Berry Sour Cream Dessert below: I credit the idea to Martha Stewart's recipe “Grapes with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar.”  



  • You should wash the berries and chill them. 

  • You could whisk your sour cream so that it will be spread easily over your berries. 

  • In the picture, I just squeezed out the sour cream from the tube over the berries. 

  • It melted around it as I would mix the berries and sour cream together.

  • I then would sprinkle the coconut sugar on top of it.


This is one of my small meals with a little dollop of Daisy sour cream. Yummy!


Frank's Red Hot Original Sauce: The next item that I had to put on many of my dishes and even my margarita was Frank's Red Hot Original. I had used about a drop of this in my margarita drink, and it gave it a nice kick. I always used a little bit of this on my breakfast eggs as you can see below. I also used it in my taco Tuesday meals, beans, and other savory dishes.

How much Frank's Red Hot Sauce to put on your dishes? All you need is about 2 drops, but if you like extra spicy like I sometimes do on my dishes, I would add about 5 to 6 drops. You do have to keep in mind that it has a good amount of sodium. It has about 190 mg of sodium per serving in a 12 oz glass bottle, which is a teaspoon as a serving. 

How much Frank's Red Hot Sauce to add to your margarita drink? I would advise starting with 1 drop of this sauce. 
Frank's Red Hot Sauce can be purchased here. You should try it if you are a hot sauce fanatic. My entire family tried and like it a whole lot. 



Colgate Radiant Optic White Toothpaste: 

The fourth item I had tested and found interesting was the new Colgate Radiant Optic White. It was a really refreshing toothpaste. I always enjoy to have whiter teeth with less or no stains and to show my smile. I need to show a beautiful smile if I want to present myself well among my peers. If you are as conscious about that, you should really give the Colgate Radiant Optic White a try.

Questions you might ask and I ask myself: 

How did the Colgate Radiant Optic White Toothpaste taste like?  It actually tasted pretty good compared to other toothpaste. It has a winter-fresh taste. I would say a light peppermint taste.

It does not have a high sodium taste for example. Is not too sweet either. I know is not food, but is something that you put in your mouth in order to clean it, and you would like it to taste at your liking. 

 How is the texture of the Colgate Radiant Optic White? It has a not too thick or thin texture, but you can feel a few grains in it. If you like a smooth toothpaste, I do not know if you might like that little bit of grain inside of it. I think it is there because of the powerful whitening ingredient. 

 Does the Colgate Radiant Optic White Toothpaste make your teeth truly white? Yes, it actually does with a week's worth of brushing with this toothpaste, you can see a difference. It is not drastic, but you can see a difference. 

 Benefits of the Colgate Radiant Optic White:

  • It whitens your teeth very well.
  • It is an anticavity toothpaste.
  • This is enamel safe.
  • It has hydrogen peroxide, for the extra whitening effect. 
  • It is a gluten-free toothpaste.
  • It has fluoride to keep your tooth enamel strong.
  • This toothpaste also has 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This goes for North America. 

The Colgate Radiant Optic White can be found and purchased here if you really like to have really white teeth with little or no stains.  The Spinbrush toothbrush you see in the picture below is amazing at cleaning your teeth at an affordable price. 







Suave Skin Solutions Revitalizing with Vitamin E for Age Defying Moisture Body Lotion:

The last item that I was happy to have been given as a full-size item is the Suave Revitalizing Age Defying body lotion. The first thing I enjoyed was that I did not get a small sample size of this body lotion. I had been given the full-size body lotion. 

I also noticed that I had received the age defying body lotion, which is nice because I prefer anti-aging body lotions. I noticed the other women that had received it below their 30's had a different body lotion, which was not anti-aging such as the coconut one. I was so happy with what I was given because it is necessary for my skin or for ladies entering their 30's and beyond. It does not mean you are old, it just means you need that extra suppleness. 

What is the consistency Suave Revitalizing Age Defying body lotion? I noticed that this body lotion is semi-creamy and then it smooths into the skin. You can see the thickness of it in the picture below. It is not too thick and it is not watery. 

Does the Suave Revitalizing Age Defying body lotion help with skin that needs more moisture and suppleness? Yes, it does help because of the ingredients like vitamin e and Retinyl Palmitate, which is similar to retinol.

 Does it have fragrance and strong? Yes, it does have fragrance. If you are allergic to fragrance, I would advise thinking about it before purchasing. The fragrance is not strong at all. It is so faint, you can barely smell it.  It smells like body lotion to me, nothing else.

Does the Suave Revitalizing body lotion absorb well? Yes, it does absorb very well into your skin. This I like very much because you would not want to be sticky or greasy.

What is the packaging Suave Revitalizing body lotion comes in?

I was given the full-size package of 10 fl oz, which is 296 ml plastic squeezable dispenser. 

 Benefits of the Suave Revitalizing Age Defying body lotion:

  • It helped me heal my cracked dry hands and feet quickly.

  • It helps get rid of the dull, red, and itchy skin.

  • It is an affordable anti-aging body lotion.

  • It has vitamin E and Retinyl Palmitate for that age defying effect.

  • It does not leave your skin oily.

If you would like to have a body lotion that has all those benefits and you are on a budget, I would recommend the Suave Revitalizing Age Defying body lotion which you can find here. 







Let me know which of the surprise products found in the Influenster Playa Voxbox did you like best? Did any of you receive the Influenster Playa Voxbox? What did you think of it? Comment in the section below. 


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