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Differin Gel – Results for Adult Acne and Regular Pimple Review

Differin Gel – Results for Adult Acne and Regular Pimple Review


Those of you who have suffered from acne all their lives for different reasons all would understand what I am going through with my now acne in my mid 30’s. I have had my teenage acne days as well, and not as bad as my adult acne.

I have tested many other acne treatments since I was a young girl of 15 years old, and some work while others just do not with my skin. In the past like most of you, I had suffered from a great amount of acne as a teenager.

I was lucky to have found something back in the day to treat my teenage or adolescent acne.


Now, what I had used before to treat my teenage acne does not work anymore to treat my adult acne. This acne I had first started to get the year after giving birth to my son.

I could not believe that I did not have the acne or pimples during my pregnancy, which I am relieved of, but after my pregnancy, I started to get this really big acne as you can see from my pictures below.

I get this big adult acne, especially around my jaw and chin, and even nose. I need something that works much better than other over the counter acne products I have tried for my skin.


I read so much about Differin Gel that I had to try it for my adult acne. Who knew that retinoid could help your acne, but it is the amount of strength in this magical Differin Gel that truly did do the job for my adult and stress acne.

I always clean my face very well and make sure that I do not have residue or dirt, but for some reason, I would wake up with more than one acne on my face that stares right at my face.

History with some of my Experience of the Differin Gel:

Differin Gel contains a retinoid gel that fights acne, and the active ingredient is called adapalene, and this drug was approved with a prescription in the year 1996.

I like that it is used to treat two main causes of acne, which is clogged pores and inflammation. It is known from dermatologists that the Differin Gel has reduced the inflammation in the skin. This miraculous gel also prevents your skin cells in your follicles from sticking on top of the other, which blocks your pores, and that causes your disgusting acne or pimples.

It is so wonderful that this amazing Differin Gel for acne is available over the counter or in your local pharmaceutical stores. It also restores your skin’s normal texture and an uneven appearance by clearing your acne.

I had seen right away while I started using the Differin gel that it did work very well with my skin. I have combination skin, which means I have dry areas and oily areas. My skin started to recuperate from the inflammation caused by acne.

Does the Differin gel feel comfortable for sensitive, combination, oily, or dry skin? The Differin gel felt comfortable for all skin types. I have combination skin, and it does not burn your skin at all.

Is the Differin Gel for male and female? Yes, The Differin Gel is for both male and female.

Does the Differin Gel have a scent? The Differin Gel does not have a scent to it.

What kind of packaging does the Differin gel come in? The Differin Gel comes in a plastic squeezable tube.

The picture below of me, you can see how my acne had faded away using the Differin Gel.





You can see my big adult acne, and then small ones that appear or just small whiteheads peeping out from under my skin.

Differin Gel and Collection was Allure Magazine’s 2017 Beauty Awards:

Differin Gel-review-honest-review-reviews-acne-adult-teenage-pimple-allure-magazine-beauty award

How I used the Differin Gel:

How long does it take for the Differin Gel to work? Use the Differin Gel every day so that you can get the best out of its benefits for your acne problems, and it should start working right away.

Tip: Do always use sunscreen, especially while using the Differin gel, you would want your skin to be truly protected. It is so good to know that the active ingredient adapalene, which is the retinoid makes your skin healthier by getting rid of your acne.


Differin acne retnoid gel pimple cure demo


Steps on how to use the Differin Gel:

  • Cleanse your face using the Differin Gel Cleanser and pat dry.
  • Squeeze out a quarter size amount of the gel to your entire face so that is not just helping your recent acne but also your future ones.
  • Do not apply the Differin Gel to the damaged skin such as cuts, eczema, sunburn, or abrasions.

How much does the Differin Gel cost and where to get your very own? The Differin gel varies in price, but very affordable. It is worth it. You can get it here online or instore at your local pharmacy if they have it. You can get your very own Differin Gel here. 

In conclusion, I will wear my Differin Gel every day in order to never have any of that horrible acne show through my skin again. It will solve my acne issues quickly and effectively.

Let me know if any of you have ever used Differin Gel before? How did it work for you? Do any of you suffer from adult acne or adolescent?

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