Korean Beauty: MadeCera Re-turn Rx, Hydrating Absorbing Cream with Ceramides, Niacinamide, and Madecassoside for Soothing Skin Redness and Inflammation Review

Skin care is very important especially a lady in her thirties like myself. It is the time when your skin starts to become thinner and need something to give it more collagen and substance. I was chosen by 0.8 Liters, a place where they would give out beauty products to try for free or for Continue reading

Dunkin’ Donuts Extra Creamy Creamer Free by Crowdtap Review.

Crowdtap is a place online where you participate to receive free products from well-known brand names and ones that are brand new as well. Many of their products that they give away are quality ones. That is why I enjoy participating in receiving new products to try or test every time, especially for my reader’s Continue reading

Korean Beauty by 0.8L: Free The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo to Make Hair Silky, Smooth, Healthy, and Soft Review

I had been given knowledge through social media that 0.8L or what it is known as 8 liters, gives away free products to try. They only give specific items to specific people. I applied to many of their items until finally I was chosen to review this very good amazing product from The Hair Mother Continue reading