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The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth
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The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth

Having shampoo and hair care that is safe to use for hair growth is so important for ladies like me. I had been given knowledge through social media that 0.8L or what it is known as 8 liters, give away free products to try. They only give specific items to specific people. I applied to many of their items until finally I was chosen to review this very good amazing product from The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo, which I could not wait to share with you all.

This shampoo was a very good formula for my hair. It is for men, but my husband already has naturally straight silky hair. My hair needs treatment for damages and moisture. After using this hair treatment for 3 days, I already see my brittle and damaged lifeless hair strands become silky smooth. I like that it also adds nutrients and it smells like oranges. I think it should be unisex.

I wanted to test it out by using the shampoo they had sent me alone and no masks after. I wanted to make sure that this hair formula truly keeps its promise in making your hair truly silky soft. Especially since is made for frizzy, damaged, disheveled or unruly, and dry hair like mine.

The background behind the shampoo: The Hair Mother Cellar brand was made for the British royals. It is a hair secret that was passed down from the British royal family. It is a special hair care method made with the highest quality and customization.

The Hair Mother Cellar brand products are safe to use for the sensitive scalp by excluding silicone and harmful ingredients for the scalp. The Hair Mother Cellar is selected by popular hair designers, which is a professional hair care service.

It smells like oranges. It actually does contain orange extract in its ingredients.

Sensation while wearing: I had the sensation of a refreshing, cooling, and tingling. All positive ones. It felt like my scalp was on a peppermint patty meadow (laughing out loud). It felt like my scalp was getting therapy.

Advice: I actually had left The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight shampoo on like if I had a conditioner or a mask for 30 minutes, and then I washed it out. I felt like that helped my hair to soak in thoroughly this therapeutic formula and hydrated.

Hair Types: This is best for dry, frizzy, unruly or disheveled hair. It makes your hair truly moisturized and conditioned.

This shampoo contains silk protein and orange extract, which adds softness deep into the hair.

Makes your hair silky and soft.

It adds nutrients deep into the root of the hair.

Makes your hair beautiful and healthy.

It makes your hair straight without permanents.

Silk protein contains 18 amino acids whose substances are similar to your hair. The silk protein eliminates damage in hair.

Excellent super moisturizer.

Packaging: It comes in a 300 ml black plastic container with an easy to use the pump.

It is a nature-derived surfactant. With a nature-derived surfactant, it minimizes substance causing troubles, which means it is safe to use this product.

If you desire to have straight hair: Use a hair iron after using this product. You can also curl it with your curling iron, and it would be a silky smooth wavy big bouncy hair.

Spreadable: This shampoo is spreadable and you are able to mix it in easily all over your hair.

Consistency: It has a drip-free feeling. It also has a semi-thick consistency which makes it easy to spread all over your hair.

You can use this without any gloves. If you desire to use gloves, is all up to you.

Wet your hair with regular water.

The package says to pump only one size of a coin into your hair. I did that, and it was not enough for me. I had pumped about 4 or 5 times that coin size and distribute it all throughout my hair. In terms of American, it is the size of a quarter or in terms of Canadians, it is the size of a loonie.

Massage it into your scalp for 3 to 4 minutes. I had said to have left it on for 30 minutes because the 3 to 4 minutes was not enough for my hair to benefit from such a great product.

You will see some bubbles or lather happening.

Then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Lather: The lather is a  medium amount of the shampoo.

It comes both 300 ml and 1000 ml black plastic bottles with a pump.

Caution: Always do small testing before using this product or even any new product. Just in case you have any allergies. I always test these things in a small patch of my scalp.

Do not use this product on the areas on your scalp with a scar, eczema, or dermatitis.

Tip: Always seal the bottle tight after opening. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store in very high or low temperatures or do not expose it to direct sun rays. You should thoroughly rinse out your hair. If this product is not thoroughly rinsed it may cause hair loss or discoloration.

Where to Purchase: You can get your very own at Check It Out here.

Below is a picture of me wearing my The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo.

Below is a picture of me after washing out  The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo. You can easily see that my hair does not have any frizz and totally smooth.

This is a picture after using the hair iron to make my hair pin straight.

This is the how the packaging looks like for The Hair Mother Cellar Magic Straight Shampoo.

Let me know if you ever will try this quality hair product made for the British royals? Have any of you ever tried it?

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