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Free Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Body Wash Benefits Review
Free Product Review, Skincare

Free Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Body Wash Benefits Review

I have always been a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products such as their household variety collection, due to their natural pure clean ingredients. I have never tried but did know that Mrs. Meyers did have a body wash collection.

When I saw that I was chosen to test out Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day body wash, I could not wait to try it and use it for my body washes instead of my household cleaning washes. I also could not wait to let my readers know about my new body wash discovery.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day has a household collection, laundry collection, hand care, body care, air fresheners, and seasonal scents.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day also carries a gift collection for those who would like to give gifts to their loved ones or those who know would appreciate the clean and environmentally friendly ingredients found in Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products.

I also enjoy that it is aromatherapeutic body care. You can smell in the essence of the honeysuckle flower scent.

When I had opened my Crowdtap kit with my Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in the scent honeysuckle, which has real honeysuckle flower extract as part of the ingredients.

Crowdtap gives you free products like this one and the children’s favorite all-natural ingredients Teddy Soft Bake Treats which I had reviewed.  In order to qualify, you must take some surveys.

I had to try it immediately during my shower. The first thing I did was press down on the opposite side where the pouring spout is located on the top cap of the full-size 16 FL ounce bottle I was given for free. The scent smelled as if I was surrounded by a garden full of flowers.


I first tested it out on my the top part of my hands before I used it on my entire body. This way you know you are not allergic to any natural ingredients.

Make sure you check that first before you purchase anything that is used for your body and skin.

It has a smooth silky light gel-like feel. It spreads easily around your body.

Below is a picture of how Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day body wash looks like on my skin. This is the same as how the body wash would look like on your skin. I had poured out a little bit on my skin’s center below my wrist, but it does slide side from side slowly as you can see in the picture below.

Absorption: The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash absorbs easily and thoroughly in your skin as you apply and wash your skin with it.


It has a clear appearance.

Foam from lather amount: It has a small amount of foam while you wash with either your loofah sponge pads.

Its foam is a light frothy feel and look.

Skin Types: It is safe for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. I have combination skin, but I did test it out on a friend of mine who has sensitive skin, and they did not break out or react in any way.

It left me with no residue and super clean, while naturally moisturized.

How to Use: I really enjoyed how Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day body wash formula has a smooth foam that forms while you spread it on your skin with water with your loofah sponge.

You should lightly massage the body wash into your skin with water in the shower or bath to get the full effect.

You can use this body wash formula as an excellent moisturizing hand soap. This formula, of course, is thicker than Mrs. Meyer’s liquid hand soap, since it is made for the body.

You can also use Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day body wash for washing delicate clothing items.

It is at an affordable price of $7.99. Price may range due to sales or locations.

Full-Size Bottle size: I was given the full-size bottle. The full-size bottle has a content of 16 Fl Oz, which is 473 ml bottle.

Scent: The scent is mostly of the honeysuckle flower, but there are other scents added to it that are very faint such as the chamomile flower for example.

It is tested by the dermatologists in order for it to be gentle on your skin.

Safe synthetic fragrance ingredients.

It is free of chemical preservatives.

It is free of dyes.

It is a thicker, richer, formula than their regular liquid hand soap.

It is free of toxins.

It is free of sulfates.

It is free of chemical preservatives.

The plastic bottle is 25% PCR.

Free of animal-derived ingredients and not tested on animals.

Softens your skin with aloe vera gel and a unique blend of essential oils such as orange peel oil, ylang-ylang flower oil, linseed oil, and olive oil.

Scent Varieties Available:

Lavender Scent
Basil Scent
Lemon Verbena Scent
Honey Suckle Scent

Do you already use Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products in your daily lives as I do? What are your favorite Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products or other ones similar to Mrs. Meyer’s?

Where to Purchase: You can always get your very own Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day body wash by clicking  here

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