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Throughout the years, I have tried much clean beauty skincare and haircare. It took a good amount of searching for choosing from various skincare and haircare, and I wanted to make sure I could pick skincare and haircare. Below are some varieties of one of the best hair care and skin care I have tested and worked as intended. These Clean Beauty Skin Care and Hair Care picks are Sustainable, No Paraben-Free, No Phthalates, and Vegan, and they all work as they should.


Love Beauty and Planet Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner:

I like this cruelty-free vegan shampoo and conditioner are a sustainable brand, and they are sustainable because their haircare and skincare goodies come in 100 percent recyclable packaging.


These shampoos and conditioners are dye-free, plant-based, Paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and safe for colored hair.

This sustainable brand offers various hair care and body care products for all hair and skin types. I have naturally frizzy, damaged hair, dry, and color-treated hair. This brand has a variety of different kinds catering to a variety of hair care conditions.

You will receive 400 ml of shampoo and conditioner in each bottle, and the Smooth leave-in conditioner is also amazing to try. I have frizzy, damaged hair, and I see positive results using this.

This nourishing cleanser gently removes dirt while lightly moisturizing and infusing your hair with a decadent scent of French lavender.

Youth-to-the-People-Hydrate-and-Glow Dream Mask

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

This mask is truly a great one year-round, especially during those dry skin days, which I get a lot during the dry fall and winter seasons.

Benefits: I like that this glow dream mask from Youth to the People gives the best hydration boost for brightness. Using potent, antioxidant-rich super berries and THD ascorbate. It is the newest clinically-proven form of stable Vitamin C; this nighttime mask profoundly hydrates, plumps, and brightens the skin. This is for all skin types it brightens my skin and makes it and more radiant,

Note: This dream mask does help to tackle dullness and uneven skin tone.



Good Molecules Bakuchiol Oil Blend for Dry Skin and the Good Molecules Squalene Oil are two of my staples for Good Molecules. 

Good Molecules Bakuchiol Oil Blend for Dry Skin: This is one of my favorite oils for dry and aging skin. It helps me feel relieved and hydrates my skin fast when I wear it.


Did the Good Molecules Bakuchiol Oil Blend for Dry Skin help firm the skin?

My skin does feel firm and plump after using this oil blend from Good Molecules.


Is Good Molecules Good Molecules Bakuchiol Oil Blend for Dry Skin for all skin types?

I have a combination skin and dry and oily areas to fit both skin types. I do not know about sensitive skin, but it is made with plant-based alternatives to retinol.


Good Molecules Squalane Oil: This oil from Good Molecules has Chemical Squalane Oil that softens and locks in moisture for a healthy, moisturized complexion because it is manufactured entirely from plant sources.


100 Percent Pure Cosmetics Collagen Boost Sheet Mask:

This is an excellent boost mask for my combination skin type. It is a mask that supports collagen and elastin production and is created with ginseng, retinol, vitamin C, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid for youthful suppleness.

Is this 100% Pure Cosmetics Collagen Boost Sheet Mask suitable for all skin types? 

Yes, this mask is very good for all skin types because it is made with pure natural ingredients that are not irritating and work well.



Pacifica Vegan Silk Shampoo:

I saw my dry, frizzy hair feel smooth and well-treated after using this shampoo.


What kind of hair is the Pacifica Vegan Silk Shampoo for? It is for severely dry and damaged hair and gives the moisture and sheen it needs. This Vegan Silk Hydro Luxe Shampoo, made with vegan silk proteins, effectively cleanses, enhances shine, and helps promote hair elasticity and prevent breaking.

Vegan silk proteins are cutting-edge, biomimetic components that have moisture-binding properties to help hair maintain water while repairing damaged strands. It did give my hair a silky, moisturized finish.

Pacifica Vegan Silk Conditioner: 

I always leave this Silky conditioner on for 30 minutes, even though it saids 5 minutes. I like how silky it makes my hair brittle, dry, and damaged, giving it the strength and hydration it needs. The Vegan Silk Hydro Luxe Conditioner gives it vegan silk proteins and other nourishing naturals.

This is a silky healer for damaged hair of all types.

Is this Pacifica Vegan Silk Conditioner Oily? No, this Pacifica Vegan Silk Conditioner is not oily.

It has cutting-edge vegan silk proteins, a biomimetic ingredient that adds hydration and a healthy sheen. It supports hair elasticity to reduce breakage and moisturizes my hair while keeping it silky smooth.



EVA NYC Therapy Hair Mask:

I always use a hair mask for my frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. This is EVA NYC Therapy Hair Mask: It deeply hydrates, conditions, and delivers smoothness within the 48-hour time.

How is the texture of the EVA NYC Therapy Hair Mask? 

It has a rich and creamy mixture that helps melt away your problems as it melts into your hair. After only one usage, I’ve been clinically shown to restore your hair, making it 2X more robust quickly and 3X more moisturized. You can achieve lustrous, healthier-looking hair by unwinding and relaxing.

Is EVA NYC Therapy Hair Mask good for all treated hair types? Yes, it is great for Brazilian hair Treatments, Keratin hair treatments, and hair-colored treatments.

Be Kind and Gentle with Briogeo Aloe+ Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Fragrance-Free Hypoallergenic Conditioner is a soft conditioner with nourishing and soothing elements for the health of your hair and scalp that is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved, fragrance- and essential-oil-free.

Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Fragrance-Free Hypoallergenic Conditioner: 

This conditioner from Be Kind and Gentle with Briogeo Aloe+ Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Fragrance-Free Hypoallergenic Conditioner is nourishing and soothing. This conditioner does help the elements for the health of your hair and scalp. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved, fragrance- and essential oil-free.

Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Fragrance-Free Hypoallergenic Shampoo: 

This shampoo from Be Kind and Gentle with Briogeo is dermatologist-recommended. It has Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing ingredients, and a Fragrance-Free Hypoallergenic Shampoo is mild. This shampoo has nourishing and calming components for your hair and scalp health.


Ginger Beer CH6 Hairloss Shampoo: 

Many hair types can use this anti-hair loss shampoo. It is not drying nor oily.

German Ginger Oil and Beer Yeast–Protects the skin and hair from oxidative stress, providing nutrition and conditioning to the scalp helping the scalp with vitality. Super rich biotin of beer yeast can help reduce hair loss, and high-quality nutrients make your hair moist.

Vitamin Complex– DMS developed this shampoo, the world’s largest premium vitamin developer with a 120-year history. Beauplex VH, a multivitamin for hair, provides nutrition to hard-grown hair, making it more vital and softer. This shampoo has the anti-hair loss ingredient Aloforthya. This ingredient helps with preclinical hair growth SCI-level CH6’s exclusive patented raw material was applied as a cosmetic composition.


Honest Gentle Gel Cleanser: 

This one is a great cleanser. This cleanser goes on clear and it does have a foaming effect  but without any harsh chemicals. This is an affordable cleanser. Every time you use this gentle daily cleanser, grime and pollutants are removed.

I have combination skin. I do enjoy how this cleanser  leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It does contains Chamomile and Calendula Extracts and this helps to calm and refresh my skin.

Is the Honest Company Gentle Gel Cleanser mild and for all skin types? Yes, this cleanser is gentle, mild, and for all skin types.  The formula doesn’t strip or overdry skin. This is an essential skincare regimen for many of us.


In Conclusion:

These 10 skincare and hair care guides are just a few of my favorites. I have more clean beauty guides to explore, which I did not mention because they were second or third best in my experience and other people I know in person. These 10 Clean Beauty Gift Guides will help you with your skin care and hair care clean beauty ingredients journey. 



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