D’OR24K Luxury Skincare Non-Surgical Lifting Innovation Syringe for Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Skin Lift with Plumping Review

Many of us like myself who care about their appearance are looking for a fix me all magical serum, cream, or even something that would give a temporary lift to make you look refreshed, plumped, younger, vibrant, and luxurious. 

There are those days or nights that you get ready to look your best for whatever special occasion you need to go out and about, have a fun, and enjoy your time.You do not only want to have that self-confidence to look presentable but also be the life of the party and be remembered by everyone. 

Even if you are the shy one, you would like to look the best you can and enjoy your time with others around you. I am the person in between outgoing and shy, and I still would like to look my very best.
I am honored and delighted that D'OR24k had sent me a free  D'OR24K luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe to try at home for my audience to have knowledge of how it works. Is great that it does not involve surgery or a needle.

I am a woman in my 30's and I do see some signs of wrinkles and lines. I also would like more natural tightening around my eye area and the slight sagging skin under my chin. 

I was so impressed with how this creamy pink serum could do so much with just one drop of it on your skin. I had tried it myself and it glides on smoothly on your face. It also absorbs fast into your skin and you can see instant results.

It is a magical creamy pink serum that comes in a big gold injection syringe. The packaging looks so fancy. It is like of a piece of art that shines like gold on your vanity. 

This is my hand with the D'OR24K luxury skincare non-surgical lifting serum on my hand. As you can see it is not too thick or thin.

Benefits of this magical creamy pink serum of D'OR24K luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe:

  • A temporary lift and plump
  • Reduces your bags and fine lines under your eyes
  • It tightens your pores in 60 seconds 
  • It is designed for special occasions
  • Skin cell turnover
  • Natural tightening of your skin
  • Brightening and moisturizing of your skin 

How to use the D'OR24 luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe:

First: Clean your face thoroughly and pat dry your skin. I always clean my face with my face wash. 

Advice: If you have oily skin, please use a soaked pad that will wipe your extra oils off your face. This way you will have a better skin canvas to work with your D'OR24 luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe.  

Second: Stir the product in the container.

Third: To open the syringe, you must twist the top cap from left to right and listen for a click. The click would let you know that you have opened the product to dispense it into the palms of your hands.

Fourth: Use clean fingers to smooth on the product onto the skin of your face. 

Advice: A little bit goes a long way. If you put too much product on one part of your face. You will see a slight white layer or film. If you see this just smooth over the film or slight white layer with a wet finger. 

Do not rub in the product, just apply smoothly over your face.

Keep your face without much expression or twitching when applying the product so set well on your face. 

Fifth: Let the product set for 1 minute. You will see results instantly. I saw results and felt a bit of a tightening on my skin when I had applied it. It is a good tightening. It will go away in a few minutes.

Advice: If applying makeup afterward like I did, wait at least 5 minutes before applying your makeup. 

This is how fancy the packaging for D'OR24K Prestige  Non-Surgical Lifting Innovation looks like:

These are my before and after photos wearing the D'OR24K Luxury Skincare Non-Surgical Lifting Innovation Syringe:

Before Photos After Wearing the D'OR24K Serum:

The before photos you can see some fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead and my head is shiny because I still have naturals oils showing. 

After Photo After Wearing the D'OR24K Serum:

You can see the wrinkles and fine lines o my forehead disappear. You can also see it is matte after application and the product have absorbed the oils. 

What type of makeup are you able to apply with your D'OR24K luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe:

Do not use lotion or liquid makeup after using the product. It will not set well on your face. 

You could apply powder makeup on your face.

Take note: Just in case you get an allergic reaction from the product, you could easily wash the product off your face with your face wash and water. 

Finish appearance: I noticed that my pores disappeared and it had a matte finish on your skin. It absorbs your excess facial oil. 

Ingredients: The ingredients in the D'OR24K Luxury Skincare Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe are sodium silicate and magnesium silicate. 

It also includes green tea, which has many benefits for your skin. The benefits of green tea are reducing wrinkles, preventing sun damage, tones your skin, and helps skin issues such as psoriasis or rosacea. 

The amount in the product: The D'OR24 luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe has 15 ml or .5 fl oz.

Scent: Is very light and pleasant. You could barely smell anything. 

Hours Last: It suppose to the last temporary from 6 to 8 hours. I did notice that it had lasting effect power of close to 6 hours for me.

Price: This little miracle serum is priced at $650 dollars, but it is really worth it if you think of not doing expensive surgeries to have that instant youthful skin lift. It has has skin benefits.

As I had mentioned before, as a woman like myself in her thirties, I was able to see results from my little bit of wrinkles and fine lines as it disappeared when I had applied the product.  

The product does shrink your skin in order to make your fine lines go away and lift your saggy skin. The shrinking effect is that semi-tightening feeling. This means it actually works.

I did see the slight sagging around my eye area and the little bit that I have under my chin lift with the D'OR24 luxury skincare non-surgical lifting syringe.You could get your very own here https://www.deor24k.com/products/non-surgical-lifting-syringe to start looking really amazing for those fancy nights or just when you want to have an instant temporary facial skin lift.

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