Ester-C Effervescent Vitamin Fizzy Drink Mix Protecting the Immune System and Repairing for Your Body, Skin, and Hair.

Get paid to share your links! Hello, my readers, I have found an immune support, cold fighting, and internal skin repair drink. This drink is called Ester-C Effervescent Vitamin Fizzy Drink Mix, which is an  Immune health formula.The immune system is something you must take care of with vitamins such as vitamin C.  Not all

Voxbox Influenster: Colgate Optic-White Toothpaste, Daisy Brand Sour Cream, EVA NYC Hair Towelettes, Suave Revitalizing Age-defying Body Lotion, & Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Review

Get paid to share your links!   Hello, Influenster Voxbox or box of goodies lovers! I had applied to hopefully be chosen to review goodies that had a variety of food, hair product, and skincare in it. I had been chosen to explore such little sweet products through the Playa Voxbox from Influenster. You all can

Jan Marini Skin Research C-Esta Face Serum for Skin Repairing Issue and Youthfulness Review

Get paid to share your links! Your skin is always in need for some sort of deep extra repair, hydration, and plump effect. The summertime is the ideal time to try new lotions, creams, or serums that would hydrate your skin from the outside and within your skin cells. Water is not enough when it comes

Achieving Clear Skin and Less Wrinkles with Jafra Royal Jelly Ritual Skincare Beauty Collection

Get paid to share your links! Aren’t we all trying to achieve the best skin texture, no wrinkles, less or no dark spots or marks, acne, skin dullness, dryness, scaling, or even red patches or marks? Having combination skin like myself, I have many of these skin problems such as dryness, dark skin spots from

Korean Beauty: essenHerb Soybean 90 Facial Deep Cleanser Oil in Lemon Scent: Free by 0.8 Liters Review

Get paid to share your links! There is this great eye makeup remover in town. I received this full-size, makeup oil cleanser called essenHerb Soybean Oil Facial Deep Cleanser. This will, of course, be another Korean or Asian beauty staple.   As you all know, I enjoy wearing makeup and have my unique way of wearing my makeup.

Korean Beauty: MadeCera Re-turn Rx, Hydrating Absorbing Cream with Ceramides, Niacinamide, and Madecassoside for Soothing Skin Redness and Inflammation Review

Get paid to share your links! Skin care is very important especially a lady in her thirties like myself. It is the time when your skin starts to become thinner and need something to give it more collagen and substance. I was chosen by 0.8 Liters, a place where they would give out beauty products