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Free by Crowdtap Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ Children Kids On-the-go Portable Shelf-life Safe Snack Yogurt Review
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Free by Crowdtap Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ Children Kids On-the-go Portable Shelf-life Safe Snack Yogurt Review

My husband and I were very excited for our son to try out these portable yogurts from Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ free from Crowdtap and Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ. We were given the banana flavor yogurt to try. Our son saw that it was something new to try as a treat. He immediately grabbed the Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ and first tried pulling the propeller-shaped tab off, but it did not work for him. 

I then showed him that he had to twist it off. It was nice and easy afterward because he had remembered to twist it off.  He really enjoyed the banana flavor yogurt from Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ right away. We all tasted this banana flavored Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ and enjoyed very much as well. 

We liked that you can really taste the banana fruit and that it was thick enough for it not to spill over the pouch.  We were given three  50 cent coupons. We decided to purchase three more packages. One was the banana flavor, the second one was berry, and the third one we had seen on the shelf at Target was strawberry. 

We did not see any other flavor at Target except those three flavors. We know for now on my son will have these Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ on the go with him for his lunches to school and also on the go on trips. I am glad Crowdtap had introduced these Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ to our family, we will purchase these for now on. 

The picture below shows the crowdtap kit given to me for free which was the box of 4 pouches of banana Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ and three coupons of 50 cents off. 

The picture below shows me making lunch for my child with their Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ flavor varieties in either banana, Strawberry, or berry.

Taste of each flavor: The banana flavor was very sweet tasting and really tasted like bananas. The berry flavor tasted like a light raspberries flavor, and the strawberry tasted like a light strawberry flavor.  Each one had the appropriate color for the fruit flavor shown in the description. It tastes a bit similar to Dannon yogurts.

How to use it: You will have to suck on the top of the dispenser and squeeze up the yogurt to get the Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ out of the pouch into your mouth.

Benefits of the Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ: 
  • They are excellent for travel and on the go. Especially if you go out camping a lot with your children.
  • Is also easier to pack and no need to think about spoons or someone losing a spoon to eat their yogurt with.
  • The shape of the pouch is easy to hold and very convenient.
  • The yogurt in Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ is something that will not spoil since it has no live cultures like a regular cup of yogurt with probiotics could. 
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial growth hormones (rBST)
  • No use of antibiotics in cow
  • Gluten free and nut free
  • BPA free

Ingredients: The Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ has 12 grams of sugar in the Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ portable pouch.  It has 1.5 grams of fat, it has 15% of Calcium and Vitamin D while having 2% Vitamin C. This yogurt is made to live longer out in the shelf and does not need to be refrigerated due to pasteurization, making it a yogurt with no probiotics or cultures. I would advise to refrigerate it after opening just in case, but that is probably paranoid me. 

Amount per pouch: There are 85 grams of yogurt in the Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ pouches. Each one has 90 calories in it.

The amount in of Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ in each box: 
There are 4 pouches per box. 
A variety of flavors: 
  • Banana flavor Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ 
  • Strawberry flavor Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ 
  • Berry flavor Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ 

The texture of yogurt: When you squeeze the yogurt out, it is a semi-thick yogurt. The yogurt is smooth w no lumps.

Packaging: It comes in a small easy to hold pouch made out of a very soft aluminum for squeezing and safety. It also has a propeller shaped cap to easily twist off by you for your child or your child could easily twist off themselves.

Expiration: The expiration date is either at 6 months or a little over 6 months. It depends on the packaging you pick out at the store. I had picked out three different flavors at the store when I had used all three coupons Crowdtap had sent me. 

Where to Purchase: You can get your very own Gogo SqueeZ YogurtZ here.   

Will this be your new family favorite yogurt on-the-go for your adventures and more? 

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