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Choosing the Right Probiotics is Important-Try AZO Complete Balance
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Choosing the Right Probiotics is Important-Try AZO Complete Balance


Doing your everyday life routines such as driving, cooking, taking care of your family, extra-curricular activities, and other passive and activities, and you realize you always feel off balanced, fatigued, and your digestion. I had wished I had more energy and feel less tired and sluggish.

I have had that many times before using probiotics. I did not know how much probiotics can help your overall health, vitality, and clear up your fatigue. You may get your probiotics in yogurt, but it does not have enough in order for you to truly fight that off balanced feeling and digestion.

You need something stronger, which is an over the counter supplement that would aid better to your human intelliflora stomach health and I did feel a little better using a no-name brand probiotic.

It was okay, but it took longer had less of that long-term effect of relief, which meant I had to purchase way more bottles in order to get the desired relief, change, and comfort as I was desiring.


I then decided to try the new AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic. It not only helps your stomach, fatigue, but also your vaginal health and not producing a stinky and itchy substance in your vagina. I do not have that vagina situation, but others that have vagina infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis would benefit very much from this AZO Complete Feminine Balance.

This proven information came from a close friend of mine, and she told me about it, and here I am sharing her little secret in using AZO Complete Feminine Balance. I then decided to purchase and use her little secret for my own life, and within a week  I started seeing changes. It does take time, but at least I did not have to wait a month for this change to happen.

I then had seen Smiley360, a free product distributor had it in stock, but their stock is limited. I was hoping to get in and become qualified through their survey my last Smiley360 product was mentioned here about an adult acne gel.



What are the price range and amount you receive in a full-size AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic?

Smiley360 and AZO were very generous, and I had I received my full-size sample of 30 pills to try for 30 days. I already knew that it worked very well for me, and I was happy I was getting a free bottle after purchasing these bottles for a long time.

AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic’s retail price of $26-$30 is pretty average compared to other products on the market.

Does AZO Complete Feminine Balance help with pregnancy vaginal microbiome?

If you are pregnant, you tend to have a more imbalanced ph, which can cause vaginal yeast or that creamy white like substance that is not so attractive. In feeling fatigued and tired, that is part of pregnancy and growing your baby as I did for 9 months, which felt more like 10 months (humourous laughter).

There are many benefits as I had mentioned above that the AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic gives to your body and overall mental and physical health.

Can males take this AZO Daily  Probiotic? Although this is made for a Feminine ph balance, men could take it to help their stomach and fatigue feeling.

What causes a PH imbalance? Many things can cause it such as sex, stress when you have your period, medications can make your body go haywire, and disrupt your ph balance.

Is this safe for pregnant women to use as a supplement during pregnancy? This probiotic is safe for pregnancy because there was research done to make sure it does not harm your pregnancy, hence your baby. 

Below I have a picture of how the AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic looks like. 


Benefits of AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic:

  • This probiotic gave me an upset stomach or heartburn like other probiotics have done to me in the past.

  • It helps with ph balance and diseases like vaginal microbiome or Bacterial Vaginosis.

  • AZO Complete Feminine Balance Probiotic’s intelliflora is shown to be the only clinically proven probiotic blend with 4 species of beneficial bacteria according to the AZO website’s research.   
  • It gives you a faster balance of good yeast and bacteria in your body.
  • AZO Complete Feminine Balance Probiotic is safe for pregnancy.

This probiotic has been my daily ritual and number one supplements from all the other supplements that I take to feel better and work better in this world. I also take my multi-vitamins where they make the multi-vitamins especially made for your body’s functional abilities which you should read about here. I feel healthier and more alive to function in my everyday activities and work.

You can get  your very own AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic here: 

AZO Daily Probiotic USA link here 

AZO Daily Probiotic Canada link here

Daily Probiotics United Kingdom Europe here 

Do any of you take the AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic already or would like to take it sometime soon? Let me know in the comments section below!

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