Teddy Soft Bake Chocolate and Vanilla Filling Baked Cake Review

Teddy Soft Bake Chocolate and Vanilla Filling Baked Cake Review

Crowdtap had given my family and me the opportunity to try Crowdtap is a website where they would offer free items when you fill out their application. If you qualify and they approve you, they will then send you the free item. I had filled out the form and qualified to try out the new Nabisco treat called Teddy Soft Bake in the Chocolate filling variety. 

The picture I had taken below shows both the vanilla filling with the fluffy chocolate cake and vanilla feet and hands, while the chocolate filling one has the vanilla cake with the chocolate feet and hands. 

I am a mother of a little boy, and my child enjoys all the treats that I give him. My husband also enjoys sweets, because we all do have a sweet tooth after all. I do not only bake but enjoy to have already baked treats in my home from brands like Nabisco. I  like that these Teddy Soft Bakes from Nabisco taste similar to the homemade cakes I bake at home. 


These Teddy Soft Bakes are similar to the homemade baked goods I make at home because they are made with excellent wholesome ingredients for my entire family to enjoy. These Teddy Soft Bakes are made with no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors, which is mostly found in most children’s already made to purchase baked goods in stores. My son would shop with us at the store and automatically recognizes the Teddy Soft Bakes. He always has to stock up on both the vanilla and chocolate flavor filling of Teddy Soft Bakes. 

Ingredients in the Teddy Soft Bakes: 




*Vanilla extract

*Chocolate or Vanilla Creamy Filling


Where you can get your very own: You can always get your very own

The image below is a picture of the palm of my hands. This little Teddy Soft Bake Cutie fits just right.


 Is especially good for your children to hold on to easily and just take a bite on the go.  These Teddy Soft Bakes and lightweight, fluffy, and melt in your mouth when you take a bite. Then the creamy chocolate or vanilla filling just adds to that yummy goodness.



This picture I had taken below shows an example of how the


This picture I had taken below shows an example of how the



This picture I had taken below is the image of the constant purchase now that we have of our in our household. 



You can even use your creativity to make a story in the Children’s coloring book. 


I am sure these little are going to be your family’s new staple and treat for any time of the day.


What will be your favorite Teddy Soft Bakes flavor? 

Would it be chocolate or vanilla?



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