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Shatterproof Sports Glass Stylish Bottle : Glasstic the Safe Bottle Review
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Shatterproof Sports Glass Stylish Bottle : Glasstic the Safe Bottle Review

glasstic bottle sports glass bottle great design easy to use and clean

Those of you who enjoy exercising, doing yoga, going to the beach, running, jogging, camping,  going out and about everywhere with your water bottle, I have found an excellent bottle for you all. This water bottle is a glass bottle that is double-wall insulated, glass on the inside, and plastic on the outside.

It is safe and shatterproof and BPA-free. I was happy to have discovered this bottle and I was given one to test and give my experience and valid truth to all the claims of this amazing shatterproof bottle.

They had many designs to choose from, I really liked the one with the lovely blue water swirls. They have a variety of designs you could choose from or you can just go with the plain-looking one but you are able to choose your favorite color for the top and bottle color of the Glasstic Bottle.

I had started using it every day for my work lunch days, camping, going out jogging, going out and about to stores, and of course, going out to the park with my family as well. It is safe to take anywhere. Glass water bottles are usually not accepted in many places, but because the Glasstic Bottle is shatterproof and is not a dangerous hazard to anyone, and safe, it is accepted at most places; even at the pools.

I get many compliments on this water bottle. It also has a sturdy and easy to hold the handle with a lock to make sure your liquid never drips out. That is really cool! I like that it has a lock because this way you know you are able to keep your water safe from ever spilling, and it does just that.

I enjoy taking water with me to many places. I had talked about how I would carry water such as my Flow Water in my last article, but I prefer to see my water, and I would pour that Flow Water into the bottle.  I like that you are able to see through the Glasstic Bottle and see all that you put into it clearly.

Is the Glasstic Bottle really shatterproof? It is shatterproof indeed! I tried it, but not at a high altitude, but at a breast level altitude of a 5 foot 6 inches or 170 cm lady like myself.

Is the Glasstic Bottle safe for children? Yes, it is safe for children. My son had dropped it many times, and he has had no problem. Children ages 5 years and older are best to handle this gorgeous and practical water bottle.

How much liquid can the Glasstic Bottle hold?  The Glasstic Bottle can hold about 16 ounces or oz of fluid.


glasstic bottle sports glass bottle great design easy to use and clean


Benefits of Glasstic Bottle as your Sports and Regular Water Bottle: 

  • Pure glass inside so that you do not worry about plastic bottles having the taste of another drink stuck to it for example.
  • It has a protective outer shell, which protects the glass inside, making it a double walled insulated bottle.
  • It is uniquely shatterproof, which means it is safe and does not break.
  • It is has a free lifetime warranty.
  • This excellent shatterproof bottle has a wide mouth to pour your essential oils, teas bags, and fruit infusion.
  • The Glasstic Bottle has free replacement parts.
  • The parts of the Glasstic bottle is are recyclable, and you reduce and reuse to save the environment.
  • It has a flip top with a handle to hold your Glasstic bottle anywhere safely.
  • This bottle has a large spout to take bit drinks as you go out for a run.
  • You could choose from a variety of styles, they call it infinite styles. I had chosen the water wave style as you can see below.
  • It is safe for children, and it is built to be durable; it is made with extra thick and with a protective outer later around it. This way it helps to keep your children and everyone safe from shattered glass.

In conclusion, this excellent BPA free shatterproof glass water bottle is an ideal bottle my entire family is looking to have for all occasions.

I also like that all parts are replaceable and also with a  free lifetime warranty! It is one of the best water bottles out there.

You can get your very own Glasstic Bottle here.

Below is a picture of myself using this great glass shatterproof water bottle from Glasstic Bottle. 


Below is a clear picture I had taken of you all showing how the Glasstic Bottle holds your liquid. I had put in some Strawberry Crystal Light in it.

glasstic bottle sports glass bottle great design easy to use clean
Glasstic bottle sports glass bottle great design easy to use clean

Let me know what you think of this amazing high-quality shatterproof water bottle? Do you prefer glass or plastic water bottles?

Enjoy the rest of my in-depth fun products reviews with great pictures.

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    very good

    1. Thank you. I am happy my article did help you understand shatterproof sports glass bottles. Happy Holidays!

  2. Seb says:

    Well this is something I should use for water from the sink and refrigerate it whenever I have nothing else to drink. This is also great to put next to my bed if I ever wake up dehydrated. Thanks for the review!

    1. says:

      I am glad this review of Glasstic Bottle has helped you make a better decision where to put your favorite fluids or water that you take with you anywhere and everywhere! Have a fun week and enjoy the Glasstic Bottle if you get it! 🙂

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