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Powerplant Good Natured Raw Organic Paleo Bar Review
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Powerplant Good Natured Raw Organic Paleo Bar Review


Finding the best workout and on the go, food supplement bars these days is not very easy to find. There are so many to choose from, and I have had my experience with very good tasting and appealing bars to very bad tasting ones.

On the journey in looking for the right power bar that would help me get my tasks done during the day than spending time by the stove preparing something to eat. Searching for that raw, organic, paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free power bar is not easy.

I was introduced by Shop and Shout these amazing power bars with Powerplant Good Natured Food! I want to keep in mind what foods I eat, while either on the go, at rest watching television, playing video games, or working out.

Powerplant Good Natured Food also has their vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, organic and raw protein shakes, which was discussed thoroughly here with a delicious fruit recipe here.

I would take this filling and delicious Powerplant Good Natured chocolate and non-chocolate bars with me to the gym, at a party even if I am hungry and there is no food or food that I do not look, and share it with my families such as my son, my husband, and friends! Going to work, I would take this with me and eat it during the day, such a the morning on the go to work, afternoon during a lunch break, and as an evening snack. This mama here always needs this delicious treat of an energy bar on the go from Powerplant Good Natured.



Benefits of the PowerPlant Good Natured Food line of six delicious and healthy energy bars.

The PowerPlant Good Natured Food bar ingredients feature benefits:





Peanut free

Paleo Friendly

Grain Free

Below is the list of the 6 Varieties of the Powerplant Veggie and Fruit, Chocolate, and Non-chocolate Bars. 

  1. Powerplant Good Natured Chocolate Coated Fruit Bar – This is my top favorite bar. I find that the fruit dark chocolate coated energy bar has the right touch of sweetness and chewiness! It is blended with pumpkin seed and sprouted seed, which is s source of protein. It is tasty and moist!

  2. Powerplant Good Natured Chocolate Coated Coconut Bar –  This one you can really taste the coconut and it has a  dark chocolate shell or covering. It is made with sprouted seeds and pumpkin seed protein give the bar a smooth taste. I was so happy to taste a bar that does not have a dry and chalky like the taste, and on top of it with high fiber.

  3. Powerplant Good Natured Chocolate Coated Veggie Bar – As you see me holding my second favorite Powerplant Good Natured chocolate coated veggie bar, it is pretty similar to the fruit bar, however, you can taste those healthy tasty greens, which makes it a little sweet and savory in combination!  It is an excellent mixture of sprouted seeds and pumpkin seed protein with an excellent source of fiber.

  4. Powerplant Good Natured Almond Veggie Bare Bar – This was a pretty good energy bar, but not my favorite since I am a chocoholic. You can really taste this the almond butter and veggies mix light energy packed sweetness in the bar. It has a chewy texture. It is made with highest protein ingredients compared to the other bars and less sugar.  The main ingredients are being almond butter, sprouted seeds, and pumpkin seed protein.

  5. Powerplant Good Natured Chocolate Coated Almond Veggie Bar –  Almond butter and Veggies coated in a dark chocolate that’s a first! Smooth taste, moist with a hint of veggies –  a great source of protein from almond butter, pumpkin seed protein, and sprouted seeds. Sustainable energy.

  6. Powerplant Good Natured Coconut Bare Bar –  I did not receive the Coconut Bare Bar, but according to Powerplant Good Natured’s website, it supposes to be mostly of coconut with no chocolate. It is high in fiber and low in sugar and made with protein from sprouted seeds and pumpkin seeds.

How many calories are in each scrumptious Powerplant Good Natured energy bars?  These delicious, healthy, and unique energy bars are 220 calories one bar per serving according to Powerplant Good Natured’s energy bar wrappers.


Below are pictures of the Powerplant Chocolate and Non-chocolate Bars:



Below is a clear picture of myself enjoying my favorite Chocolate Veggie Bar!


Have any of you tried the Powerplant Good Natured Food energy bars or something similar? Which bars have you tried that are similar to the one I am showing you today? Let me know in the comment section below, and thank you.


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