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Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain Review

Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain Review

Natural makeup beauty enthusiasts or just the simple girl who wants to look amazing with a touch of color, this Stila Cherry Crush lip, and cheek stain is a must in your collection! 

On my makeup journey in trying different brands and their fun new products to enhance my appearance naturally or glamorously, I am always testing the waters with what works best with my facial parts. I am sure you are all trying to find out what colors or products works best for your comfort and that will make you feel more radiant. 

My grandmother and mother always had a makeup advice to give. My grandmother always said to carry a lipstick always with you for that beauty pop. My mother always told me that the eyebrows frame your face and it is another important feature to have groomed with makeup and tweezing. 

From then on, I always made sure I had a lipstick, a lip stain, a colored lip creme, or a makeup product that would enhance the beauty of my lips. I am not conceited (giggles), and it is just a tip.
The Stila Cherry Crush does many great things for your lips. I could actually feel it and see the outcome as I use it many times. 

The days where I would like to have a more natural look in my makeup and use my BB cream moisturizer, I would use this Stila Cherry Crush lip and cheek stain to enhance my look and make me look more put together. 
Moisturize and Benefits: It is supposed to moisturize and protect skin with antioxidants like cherry and pomegranate extract. 

How it works: It reacts with the pH levels of your skin on your lips and the outcome is your personalized colored lips. It is your very own savvy hot shade everytime you use it. 

Scent: The scent is sweet.

Flavor: The flavor is lightly sweetened. 

Beneficial Ingredients: Vitamins A, C, and E give you the antioxidant protection and moisture for your lips.

Consistency: It is not too thin or thick. 

Sticky: It is not sticky and it is lightweight. 

Feel:  It does not feel dry, tight, or sticky. 

Appearance: It gives you a healthy semi-gloss red tint glow to your lips.
Stain: It does stain your lips a light cherry pink color.

Longwearing: It wears for long if you do not eat. If you eat with the lip stain on, it will come off slightly. I had to reapply after eating. 

Skin Shades for Color Tint: This color fits all skin shades. I personally could see that most of the Stila lip and cheek stains do fit with all skin colors. This shade does fit with all skin colors.

Buildable: This lip stain is buildable for a sheer light reddish color to a much deeper shade of red. 

Quality: The quality is excellent because it has fabulous ingredients to nurture your lips and skin while enhancing your natural beauty.

Application Cheeks: When using this lip and cheek stain on your cheeks, have a light hand because this way you can see how much you can build on to have the shade you would like on your cheeks.
Tip: It is best to use your fingers instead of applying the Stila Cherry Crush lip and cheek stain directly on your face. It will give you a better handle on how much lip and cheek stain product would look best on your appearance.

Moisturize: It does moisturize a little. However, during the cold winters or dry air weather seasons, I do advice to moisturize with your regular lip balm.

How to Use: You must turn it on the top in order to get the product out of the Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain. 

Suitable Age: This lip stain is excellent for women of all ages. 

Price: Retail price for this Stila Cherry Crush lip and cheek stain is $24 -$29 dollars.  It is unfortunately out of stock at the Stila.com website, Ulta.com, and Sephora.com websites. It is sold out at the top retailers. I am sure they are being sold amazon.com. 
I hope this has helped you choose if the Stila lip and cheek stain is the right lip and cheek stain for you! It sure is now part of my lip enhancement collection! Enjoy everyone! 

These are my lips swatched with this great Stila Cherry Crush, lip and cheek stain:

Color Varieties: 

Cherry Crush:

Waterproof and Rub-proof: Many long hours later, the lip stain still remains. This is how the Stila Cherry Crush Lip  and Cheek Stain looks like after it is smoothed on your skin. It stays on for hours. I actually could not take off the stain until I rubbed it o ff with soap.  

Pomegranate Crush: 
Coconut Crush: 

Mango Crush: 

Acai Crush: 
Yumberry Crush: 
Raspberry Crush: 
Where can you purchase: You can purchase your Stila Lip and Cheek Stain here.

Do any of you enjoy Stila products? Do you already use or like lip and cheek stains or specifically from Stila? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for passing by. 

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