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Dr. Numb 5 Percent Lidocaine Skin Numb that Works for All Skin Types

Dr. Numb 5 Percent Lidocaine Skin Numb that Works for All Skin Types


While enjoying doing your at home skin care routines, you tend to do a variety of things to your skin to make it look as attractive to yourself and face society in your everyday life. I have been going about looking for the best top quality skin care to achieve my goals.

I have tried at home skin care routines using tools like micro-needling the safe one for at home use, derma roller, and chemical peels such as using lactic acid and TCA on the skin to make it peel, renew new skin, and make it look better safely with no pain. I would also use this for piercing, skin tag removal, waxing, any kind of hair removal, and microblading.

There are other people who get their bodies tattooed, and one of my close friends have told me they have used Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream prior to their tattoo sessions.

I thought about maybe using this cream someday because I need this very much due to doing techniques to my skin at home that is painful such as the ones I have mentioned above like micro-needling.

Thinking about what kind of numbing cream or gel are best out there and that will actually numb and work. Very good numbing creams are not as easy to come by and I had purchased this Dr. Numb cream in the 4% Lidocaine at first but learned later that I needed the 5% with maximum strength for what I did to my skin to make it look healthy and smooth.

I was in luck to have been given a Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream. Check their website out here.  Here I am showing you how I use the Dr. Numb cream for my skin for my micro-needling at home sessions.




Tips and Steps on How to Use the Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream with the Microneedling pen :

  1. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and put on some plastic gloves, which makes the cream apply smoother.
  2. Peel off the foil on the top of the
  3. You can start with a pea size amount and go ahead with as much as you would like to spread all over your face for example
  4. Then when you apply the cream place a clear plastic such as saran wrap over your skin.
  5. Leave the Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream for an hour before doing the procedure.
  6. Then you use the micro-needling pen over your prepared and numbed skin with Dr. Numb.

Tip for tattoo application from my friend is to wait an hour after application of the tattoo and it will last you an hour and a half with no pain but you will feel the needle with no pain.  There is more in-depth information about tattooing on their website here.

Note for authenticity: You must make sure you have the authentic Dr. Numb cream with authentic gold foil seal on the top right of the box.

Note to keep this away from children under 12 years old, and if you want to use it on your kids please consult their doctor before using it.

Do not use this on a raw, open wound, or blistered skin surfaces. 

Avoid contact around your eye area.  If it does happen, rinse fast and thoroughly with lukewarm water. If the condition does get worse in 7 days,  please contact your family doctor. I always make sure I do not use it too close around my eye area.

dr-numb-maximum-strength-pain-reliever-rapid-absorption-lidocaine-5 percent-cream-microneedle

I was so pleased with my results because I did feel so happy with the results and how this Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream did not give me any pain and allowed my micro-needling procedure to go through faster and much happier.

You can find Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream here.

Have any of you tried this Dr. Numb Maximum Strength with 5% cream? If you have tried any numbing cream let me know in the comments section below!

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    how much cbd to shrink cancer

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    i like this finest post

    1. Hi, Thanks. I am glad this article has helped you learn more on Dr.Numb and Lidocaine creams for the skin. Happy Holidays!

  3. how to use make cbd oil soluble in water based serum

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    This cream works like a charm. I use it when microneedling. I couldn’t do it without this cream.

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      It sure does! I like how it helps my skin stay numb too!

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