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O.B. Original Tampons Fluid Lock, Sleek, Easy-to-Use, and Discreet for that Time of the Month Review
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O.B. Original Tampons Fluid Lock, Sleek, Easy-to-Use, and Discreet for that Time of the Month Review

As a woman in her fertile years or years where you have the time of the month or your period, I know how important it is to have the best protection from the natural activity that happens such as your period every month. Yes, I despise the pain, cramps, and the mess of having to protect yourself from your period stains on your clothing. You do not want to be embarrassed with such natural situations as this and always look discreet, even though everyone knows you are a woman who might have your period (giggles). 


Needless to say, I have used both tampons and pads in my lifetime since I was a little girl. I have used the O.B. Tampon brands, and they have given me better security during the time of the month.     I was really happy to know that Smiley360 had these for free to give out. Smiley360 is a place where they give you free products to try out, and many times they will send you the full-size products with free coupons.  

Not only did they give me a full-size box with 40 super absorbent fluid-lock technology tampons, I also had received 5 free coupons. I only show 4 in the picture because I already had used a coupon for the O.B. box that has all the O.B. tampon absorbent sizes. I had received a free $100 dollar Sleep Number pillow from Smiley360 which I blogged about here.  You can sign up with Smiley360 here to receive free products and a $100 gift card. 

There is a contest right now to win $100 dollars with Smiley360 here. 

I had used the coupons to get the other two extra boxes as shown, and I had given away the other ones to friends. The boxes shown in the picture above displays the super fluid-lock size O.B. tampons, the various sizes that run from super, super plus, and regular in both silk touch pro comfort and the fluid lock. 

Since I already know how these O.B. tampons feel, I will explain to you how each one feels. As you all know, these tampons are made in order to stop your period’s fluid leaks from running on your clothing. Of course, that is obvious, but this tampon does a really great job at it and not letting any leaks out. 

 The protection is superb compared to the previous tampons I had used because I had no leakage.The comfort and fit level by using the O.B. fluid lock, for example, is a 9 from a scale of 1 to 10.


Feel and benefits of each O.B. Super, Super Plus, and Regular Tampons in the Fluid-Lock material: 

  • It is first made for the comfort of each woman’s special anatomy design, which expands around and it custom fits you. 

  • It does not feel harsh, but just right while putting it in your body. 

  • It has grooves on it so that the fluid-lock design could work to help you keep dry with no leaks for 8 hours, and for me, I would change it every 6 hours. I do advise that even though it says 8 hours.

  • The super and super plus tampon does feel a bit thicker, but not bulky, and feels just as comfortable as the regular O.B. fluid lock tampons because it is designed specifically to fit each of us ladies. 

The picture right below shows an O.B. Tampon soaked with plain water. As you can see it soaks a lot of liquid inside of that little tampon. 


Feel and benefits of each O.B. Super, Super Plus, and Regular Tampons in the Silk Touch Pro Comfort:

  • This would be perfect if it is your first time to use tampons because it is truly silky and comfortable to put in your body. 

  • This has grooves as well for a better absorption but is super silky in the material that it is made out of. 

Below is a picture of how the O.B. Supersize applicator looks like while being opened from its plastic tight wrapped package.


Below is a picture of the tampon with the strong loose below. 



Other Benefits from both the O.B. Fluid-Lock and the Silk Touch Pro Comfort: 

  • Size: It is the same size as the cap of a marker, but then it expands in your body. The same goes for the O.B. Silk Touch Pro Comfort as it does for the O.B. Fluid-Lock.

  • You would see a blue string in the end, which is so that you can take it out without discomfort and easily.

  • Each tampon individually wrapped in a tight plastic. 

  • Fits perfectly in your tampon case or special bag. 

  • No tampon irritation at all. 

  • All boxes come with an educational booklet and instructions. 

  • The design of the tampons is made to be less wasteful.

Ingredients: It is made with no cardboard or plastic, but with cotton fiber, polyester, and rayon. These ingredients are safe and comfortable to use. 

Levels of Absorption: 

Regular ones: It absorbs about 6 to 9 grams.

Super: It absorbs about 9 to 12 grams.

Super Plus: It absorbs about 12 to 15 grams.

Ultra: It absorbs about 15 to 18 grams.

How to use: Make sure you have cleaned your hands properly with soap and water. Then with your clean hands, you can insert the tampon into your body.  Caution: Keep in mind to not use a tampon for more than 8 hours, because it can cause what is called Toxic Shock Syndrome also known as TSS, but it is very rare. 

Packaging: The O.B. Tampons come in an organized carton recycled box as shown below. As I had said before, the O.B. tampons come in an easy-to-use recycled tight hygienic plastic. 



Where to Purchase: You can get your very own in a variety of sizes,  O.B. Fluid Lock and in Silk touch Tampons here. 


Do any of you already use the O.B. fluid lock tampons or any of their other O.B. tampons? Do you any of you use tampons or pads? Do you prefer tampons over pads?


 Thank you for passing by for this informative fun read.

Do not forget to look at my other blog posts with exciting and interesting points and pictures. 

My opinions in this blog post are my own.


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