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Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover,Exfoliating Cushions, and Cotton Soft Pads
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Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover,Exfoliating Cushions, and Cotton Soft Pads

real Kleenex 25 facial cleansing wipes

Kleenex has always been one of my top best skin and overall cleansers for all skin types, which care about your skin condition and does the job in all that you and I are searching. I have always relied on Kleenex. Even when someone is looking for a tissue to use right away, the name Kleenex is what you hear. I would use that name when I am looking for a quality napkin, cleanser, tissue, pick me upper, and or wipe.

I had received these Kleenex Cleansing and Exfoliating lot kit from Kleenex to test and try for you all before you all purchase it. As you can see below, Kleenex has sent me some eye makeup remover, exfoliating facial pads or cushions, cotton soft pads, and facial cleansing wipes, which are number one for makeup lovers and fans such as myself and possibly you. Below, I will detail all of my experience and the important features of all these excellent items, which should and is now part of my everyday lifestyle. I really enjoyed using the Kleenex Cleansing and Exfoliating Kit.


real Kleenex 25 facial cleansing wipes
Kleenex 25 facial cleansing wipes


Experience using the Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes: 

These Kleenex facial cleansing wipes are so good, even our children could use them. I have a son and he gets dirty all the times, and these wipes not only moisturize his skin during the fall and winter harsh weather but also does a quick and excellent wipe on his skin. He likes it because it has a pleasantly light sweet clean scent, and it feels refreshing on the skin, as it does for myself.

It is not overdrying like other wipes can be. It comes in such a nifty easy to use refillable container 25 wipes, and you are able to pull the wipes out with no fuss. Even my son pulls them out with no fuss. The Kleenex facial cleansing wipes also come in a purse pack, which carries 12 wipes, as you can see in my pictures.

If you are like myself, who sometimes from a hards day of work, I would like to sleep right away, and these wipes are a life saver in just wiping my face clean while moisturizing it with the pro-vitamins and skin caring ingredients in it. I had compared these to the 99 cent store ones, and the 99 cent store ones are not as good period. The 99 cent store ones also dry up so fast and do not have the skin care ingredients that this Kleenex Face Cleansing Wipes Makeup Removal. I would advise to definitely get these Kleenex facial cleansing wipes.

You also save the environment by reusing their refillable plastic containers. It truly is a one-step to the radiant skin in seconds. It is also soft, but not too soft so that it will not rip while you are wiping off your makeup, dirt, sweat, or anything for that matter.

Benefits of the Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes: 

  • It is pre-moisten, which means each wipe is moistened with an alcohol-free water-based formula.

  • The wipes are infused with the essential pro-vitamin complex, which also includes aloe, white tea, vitamin E and cucumber extract for your tired eyes.

  • It leaves no residue.

  • Removes all of your impurities.

  • It has a multi-layered textured fabric. This is made that way so that it can lift and trap dirt, especially excess oil and makeup.

  • It makes your skin glow while being dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic.

  • It is made for all skin types.

  • It also comes in a refillable dispenser, which protects each wipe and your dispenser will be a budget-friendly refill.

Instructions on how to use Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes:

  • Take your Kleenex facial cleansing wipe and cleanse your cheeks, chin, neck, and forehead

  • You may fold it in half, and wipe around your mouth and nose area.

  • You can also use it on the surfaces of your eyes.

  • Or use it for whatever skin cleansing area you may desire.

You can purchase your own Kleenex Face Cleansing Wipes Makeup Removal.

In the picture below I am showing you some of the makeup I have taken off on the wipe. As you can see it took off a good amount of makeup.


real Kleenex 25 facial cleansing wipes

Below you can see both the Kleenex Face Cleansing Wipes Makeup Removal for your purse pack with 12 wipes and the environmentally friendly Kleenex facial cleansing wipe recyclable plastic container with 25 wipes inside of it. I also had taken off a lot of makeup on the wipe below, as you can see.



Kleenex facial wipes on the go demo

Experience using the Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover:

The second item I will talk about is the Kleenex eye makeup removers.

If you would like to use your regular cleanser for cleansing your face, but do not like to get any of that cleanser in your eyes like myself, these Kleenex eye makeup removers are top on my list as it should be yours. These actually are made especially for your eyes, as you can see the angles around these Kleenex eye makeup removers. I noticed that right away and tested out that these truly are incredible in wiping away every single corner and area around your eyes, especially the mascara off your eyes.

It even takes off the most stubborn eye makeup, which are the waterproof ones for me. It contains a lot of eye makeup remover pads, which is a total of 60. It has a refillable environment-friendly refillable plastic container. It is a good container that is not flimsy. I definitely will keep these handy when I would prefer to use my other cleansers for my face, and can not use on my eyes.

Benefits of the Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover:

  • It has are soft textured micro-fine fabric moist pads or wipes, which removes your makeup gently.

  • These remove your eye makeup with no greasy residue, which is a plus for me.

  • It is cut in a shape that is precise to use around your eyes.

  • It is made for all skin types, and you can use daily.

  • These Kleenex eye makeup removers are ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, which means there is a lot of goodness put into these for your skin.

  • These are great for your lashes and the delicate area around your eyes. The skin around your eye area is delicate compared to any other part of the face.

  • The container has 60 Kleenex eye makeup removers, which is a very good amount for your monthly use.

Instructions on how to use Kleenex eye makeup remover: 

  • You wipe over your closed eyelid once.

  • Rotate and go for lashes and then use the cut smooth round corners to catch every bit of dirt and makeup from your eyes.

  • You must rotate to show a fresh surface every time.

  • You will then repeat the sam actions  from eye to eye, and remove your eye makeup in a minute.

  • You may get your very own Kleenex eye makeup removers with refillable Dispenser & refill Cartridge, a pack of 2 here.


In the picture below you can see I have taken off some of my eye makeup with the Kleenex eye makeup remover, not all, just a little bit so to show you how it takes it off. It does the job.


Experience using the Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions:

The third item I would talk about is the Kleenex exfoliating cushions:

A person such as myself would always need to find a way to exfoliate the best I can. I have used a variety of exfoliators, and I have enjoyed many of them. I did adore these Kleenex exfoliating cushions are one of the best exfoliators I have tried out in my life. It is also one that you do not have to get your hands dirty with in order to get the exfoliation happening.

These are infused with skin nourishing papaya and pineapple extract, but not wet, but infused and dried into the exfoliating cushions.  These cute easy-to-use Kleenex exfoliating cushions actually pick up all of the dirt, grease, makeup, and dry dead skin cells off your skin so well. I could literally see that becomes more polished and renewed immediately while using these exfoliating cushions.

There is a white smooth cloth like firm and soft at the same time wipe with little holes that pick up your dead skin cells and it has a light blue cushion behind of it with the infused nourishing papaya and pineapple fruit extract for your skin. I like that my skin glows naturally.

There are different textures on the Kleenex exfoliating cushions. The other side of what I had just described has white small bubble-like feature for your cleansing and wiping around your delicate areas on your face. The cleanser on the exfoliating cushion is mild and any skin type could use it. I have combination skin, and this is perfect for my skin type. The sides are called scrubbing texture for massaging and exfoliating your skin, while the other side has a buffing texture which polishes and smooths the skin on your face.

My tip of the wise: If you wear makeup, you always must have your face exfoliated.

The scent: They smell so good, and like the other Kleenex makeup removers, it has the scent that is light and sweet.

How to use the Kleenex Exfoliating Cushion: 

  • You must wet and rub the Kleenex exfoliating cushions around your skin.

  • Use your favorite cleanser on it or you can use it alone.

  • It will form a light foaming lather with it just getting wet by itself.

  • Use the scrubbing texture to massage and exfoliate your skin
  • Use the buffing texture on the scrubbing texture to smooth and polish your face for that skin glow.
  • You can use it 2 to 3 times a week for oily, combination, sensitive, and dry skin.

Benefits of the Kleenex Exfoliating Cushions: 

  • This excellent easy-to-use in seconds Kleenex exfoliating cushions give you a more noticeable smoother skin immediately.
  • It includes a refillable plastic dispenser which includes 12 exfoliating pads, and it is budget friendly.
  • These Kleenex exfoliating cushions are dermatologist-tested.
  • These are hypoallergenic exfoliating cushions.
  • The Kleenex exfoliating cushions are for all skin types.
  • These cute little Kleenex exfoliating cushions also are infused papaya extract and pineapple extract to give your skin that extra skin glow boost.
  • It is also a pro-vitamin infused exfoliating cushion.
  • You will get a 1 month supply of 12 cushions, which means, you use three a week. You can use more than that, but it will be more than a month’s supply.

You can get your very own Kleenex Exfoliating Cushion with Refillable Dispenser & Refill Cartridge pack of 2 from your home here.



Experience using the Kleenex Soft Pads:

The last great item I had encountered was the Kleenex Soft Pads.

These Kleenex soft pads were a curiosity to me. I noticed that these had absolutely no scent in them. They were soft and looked like little flat pillowcases, and I really liked feeling them with my fingers.

They were also soft on my skin, and I had read that it is textured in a soft but yet semi-firm way in order to work with your favorite products, such as a toner.  I had used these with one of my favorite toners which balances my skin out. This toner is called the Michael Todd’s cranberry anti-oxidant and anti-aging toner.

I had used the toner below as you can see, and do keep in mind with my experience, I did get some of the toner, which is liquid go through the pad a little bit.



Benefits of the Kleenex Soft Pads:

  • It has 5-in-1 versatility for your every beauty or care routines and needs.
  • The Kleenex soft pads work well with applying makeup, removing makeup, washing your face with it instead of using your hands or a cloth, and also to remove your nail polish.
  • It has a plush texture so that you could use it as a smooth applicator for your every need.
  • It has less lint so that it is more effective in cleaning.
  • It is also durable for a wet and dry use.
  • It has no fragrance, which is beneficial for those who prefer no fragrance in their skin cleansers and or applicators.
  • It brings 85 soft pads in one box, which is sufficient to last for two months, which is economical for me.

How to use the Kleenex Soft Pads: 

  • You take a Kleenex soft pad, then use your cleanser, toner, foundation, and apply a squirt or a dime or quarter size of it on your soft pad.
  • Rub the pad gently on your skin for whatever way or purpose you are using it for
  • After using it, dispose of it and then you are done.
  • Keep in mind that liquid substances like toners, this pad would not soak very well, but it will soak the liquid product lightly.
  • You can use this every day.

 Here I am showing you how I am using the Kleenex Soft Pads with my Michael Todd’s cranberry anti-oxidant and anti-aging toner.

I also show you how thin the Kleenex cotton soft pads are in the picture to the left.



You can get your own  Kleenex Cleansing and Exfoliating Kit like I did here.


Do any of you enjoy any Kleenex products? What do any of you think of the Kleenex Cleansing and  Exfoliating Kit? Let me know in the comments section below. Enjoy the rest of my other beneficial and informative fun reviews.


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  2. Seb says:

    Question, can I use the cushion version to wipe off cream on my face? If yes then would it be a problem if I have sensitive skin?

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      It would not be a problem if you have sensitive skin at all. I have sensitive skin at times, especially during the winter time, and it is not rough on your face at all. It is made with smooth cushion non-abrasive facial disposable pad parts. The exfoliation does pick up your dead skin skins from the Kleenex exfoliating cushions. I hope that answers your question. Happy Halloween. 🙂

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