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The Brother’s Apothecary Organic Quality Full Spectrum Therapeutic CBD Tea
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The Brother’s Apothecary Organic Quality Full Spectrum Therapeutic CBD Tea


CBD or Hemp in my food, beauty, and wellness has always been a beautiful dream. I would try CBD products that are legal any day, which are fantastic for our senses and overall health. CBD or Hemp has many great benefits, which mother nature has provided to make you feel better, giving you more energy and health. Beauty and health go hand in hand, and I am a real tea lover and was happy to know that there was an excellent CBD Hemp tea made with organic and full-spectrum CBD and ingredients.

The Brother’s Apothecary Fine Teas and Remedies has a variety of different food, and health products made with Organic Quality Full Spectrum Therapeutic CBD. It is so good to know that this brand has a range of great-tasting CBD Teas, CBD Essential Oils, CBD Superfoods, and CBD Body Products, Coconut Oils, and Rosin Honey! Their production is made in Portland, Oregon, United States.

They also have more goodies with high-quality CBD. I would like to taste and test a variety of their overall body well-being products. The Brother’s Apothecary CBD products have been recognized as the “Best CBD Tea,” and it scored a 93 out of 100 at Portland Dope Cup 2018. Their CBD products are exclusive in using Hemp with the amount of <0.3% THC and, they are licensed with the Department of Agriculture. All their CBD teas and products are made locally and are sustainable, and have organic ingredients.



Does the Brother’s Apothecary carry their tea all throughout the year?

I do enjoy their CBD teas such as the Golden DreamHighbiscus, and the Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea. The Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea is so great to have during the fall season since it is seasonal for the fall to winter times. The Golden Dream and the Highbiscus could be used and found throughout the year. The Brother’s Apothecary Fine Teas and Remedies throughout the whole year.

I was happy to taste the CBD in these teas. These CBD teas also contain herbs, spices, and fruit pieces. I like that these are safe to use and 100% USA Grown Hemp in Portland, Oregon.

I like all their CBD Teas, which include the Highbiscus, Golden Dream, and Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea are used as natural remedies besides tasting good. I would add the Orange Turmeric CBD HoneyOrganic Lavender CBD Honey, or the Organic Wildflower CBD Honey. I show this in the pictures.

How are the CBD teas like in strength and taste? 

Each tea is used for different specifications, such as The Golden Dream CBD Tea is used for restfulness. The Highbiscus is used for heart health, and the Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea is used for alertness in creativity according to the package. I do feel that the Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea does give me a boost in energy with the spices but not super high, just mellow. The Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea and the Golden Dream are light tastings while the Hibiscus you can taste the CBD a little stronger. And you can still feel the herbs, light spices, and CBD in it.



The Golden Dream CBD Chamomile Tea and Benefits:

This Golden Dream CBD Chamomile Tea is made for you so that you and I could have a restful sleep, relax, and unwind. I did experience this and felt it very much, and I did take it at night mostly.

The relaxing flower of the chamomile mixes well with the Spearmint, Lemongrass, and Orange Peel. 

It adds a flavorful Chamomile relaxing tea. It has Lindenleaf and Hawthorn berry, which helps to calm the nervous system, which is ideal for a person who is always on the go and wants to unwind at the end of the day like you and me! I am a mama who is still on the go and doing so much during the day, and so it is genuinely an ideal for calming down and meditate.

Benefits of the Golden Dream CBD Tea:

  • It has 60 MG of Full Spectrum CBD per tea bag.
  • This CBD tea does not have caffeine, so that you can rest.
  • There are three tea bags in each zipped biodegradable bag.
  • It also contains coconut milk, which helps with lipid, and it increases the CBD absorption.

Highbiscus CBD Tea and Benefits:

The Highbiscus CBD tea has a beautiful deep red mixture of CBD with Hibiscus to make the tea. The hibiscus has helped lower body temperature and blood pressure, soothe throats, and treat heart disease. I love the way you can taste the CBD a little bit stronger. This tea was made with an exotic and the semi-sweet taste.

  • It has 60 MG of Full Spectrum CBD per tea bag.
  • The Highbiscus CBD tea does not have caffeine; this way, it could be a heart helper and overall body calm and wellness.
  • There are three tea bags in each zipped bag.
  • It also contains coconut milk, which helps with lipid, and it increases the CBD absorption.

The CBD Pumpkin Spice Chai Truly the top spiced CBD Tea 

This taste is very delicious and truly brings out the fall spices in the tea, and the best part is the CBD. This tea does not have a strong CBD taste. It has a lovely autumn color and makes you genuinely feel connected to mother earth during the fall and winter season.

I get all cozy to this fantastic seasonal blend of organic black tea, traditional and especially the distinct taste of the chai spices. This CBD tea also has real pumpkin and natural flavor. 

As you can see in the picture, it has a full-bodied tea and looks and tastes spectacular. This chai has intense flavors with a subtly sweet combination. The pumpkin spice taste on my tongue took me to my childhood days around the autumn leaves and pumpkins. I still observe this as an adult, of course. 

Benefits of the Pumpkin Spiced CBD Tea: 

  • It has 60 MG of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD in each tea bag.
  • The tea has caffeine to wake you up and ignite your creativity
  • You can find it in a variety of zipped bags such as one bag, three bags, or twenty tea bags.
  • Like the other teas, it also contains coconut milk, which is a lipid to increase the absorption of CBD in your body.

The Brother’s Apothecary’s honey is so super delicious, and sincerely. A little bit does go a long way, and I adore how it blends very well with all their teas. My favorite one is the turmeric because of the high antioxidant and thickness. The other two kinds of honey I have used in my The Brother’s Apothecary CBD tea are not as thick. Still, you can taste the lavender lightly in the Lavender CBD Honey, and the wildflower has a light floral natural taste.

What are the benefits of The Brother’s Apothecary CBD Honey?

Organic Wildflower CBD Honey:

The organic wildflower honey is made with the Oregon-grown Hemp CBD! They think of everything and thought of putting these in 100% biodegradable packages to help planet Earth. There are small batches that are tested.

  • It has Organic Oregon wildflower honey.
  • It comes with 100 percent Hemp CBD.
  • It has full-spectrum CBD in it.

Organic Lavender CBD Honey:

Organic wildflower honey meets Oregon-grown Hemp CBD in an easy to love, 100% biodegradable package. Small-batch, lab tested & made with the intention

  • It has Organic Oregon wildflower honey.
  • It comes with Full Spectrum 100 percent Hemp CBD.
  • It has full-spectrum CBD in it.
  • It has organic Lavender Essential Oil.

 Orange Turmeric CBD Honey:

This Orange Turmeric Honey organic wildflower honey mixed with the fantastic CBD, and of course, the busy bee did its job to get the honey from the wildflower.

  • It is made with organic wildflower honey.
  • It has organic turmeric.
  • It has organic essential oil.
  • It has is 100 percent Full Spectrum Hemp CBD.



It is enjoyable to know that the Tapioca Maltodextrin in the teas is made in Organic, Non-GMO Yuca Root, and Organic Acacia Fiber. These both to help prevent clumping and improves the beverage or product.

The CBD honey comes in a 10 mg to 15 mg bag. The herbs in the teas and products, as well as the coconut base, come from small organic farms. I would always use The Brother’s Apothecary CBD Tea and have already shared it with my friends and family. Many liked all the tea varieties I have shown them above. Which The Brother’s Apothecary CBD Tea or CBD honey will you try? Let me know in the comments section below.


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