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Yaysayer Shots Premium Vodka with Real Cold Pressed Natural Fruit Juice
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Yaysayer Shots Premium Vodka with Real Cold Pressed Natural Fruit Juice


It is party time for the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving and other holidays! There are families like myself and others that do not have families but great friends who celebrate the holidays with drinks to relax, rejoice, relate, and come together in unity. Recognize a time to settle down from the hectic everyday world. Celebrating this time with drinks and foods is the best for one’s body and soul.

My family and I have been trying the delicious and party-worthy Yaysayer Shots!  We always celebrate the holidays with excellent quality drinks such as Yaysayer Vodka Shots. What attracted me to work these delicious premium vodka shots are made with real cold-pressed natural juices. Yaysayer Premium Vodka is a family-owned business that cares about a healthy option for flavored vodka.

What are the flavors available for the Yaysayer Shots?

The two flavors they have available are Cranberries or Lemons at the moment.

Are the Yaysayer Shots made with real vodka?

Yes, the Yaysayer shots are made with Premium Vodka.

Are you able to make all sorts of cocktails with the Yaysayer Shots?

Yes, You can make your original cocktails or any cocktails with these shots, which mix well with the cranberry and lemon.

What alcoholic mixes or cocktails can you make with these Yaysayer Premium vodkas?

My husband and I tried doing a cosmopolitan with these two, and I  liked the cranberry flavored Yaysayer one best for my cosmopolitan. We also tried the yummy Lemon Drop Martini with the Lemon real lemon cold-pressed natural juice Yaysayer Vodka shots.

Below I show you how the Yaysayer Shots Vodka Looks for your festive events.



Below here I am starting the party and rocking the Yaysayer Premium Vodka T-Shirt with my family and friends!


The Yaysayer Premium Vodka family business makes their shots with real, not artificial lemons and cranberry juice while being made with top premium vodka.

My husband and I have tasted other vodkas, and this one is one of the best and top! These shots have a strong vodka taste while having the real fruit flavors of cranberries and lemons.

According to the Yaysayer history, the recipe behind Yaysayer Shots has been a family’s celebration staple since it first was created in 2007.

Benefits of the Yaysayer Premium Vodka Shots:

This premium vodka is made with real fruit.
The flavor is from Cold Pressed Natural Juices.
It is Premium Vodka.
Will any of you try the Yaysayer Shot? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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